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Tourette Syndrome, help help?

How has the VIEW of tourette syndrome changed from the PAST until NOW....I need the answer for my research paper that I'm writing now. please help.

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    My opinion: Until Gilles de la Tourettes described Tourettes as a disorder, those with Tourettes, were considered to be "possessed of the devil." I'm sure they tried all sorts of things to cast the devil out.

    Now, parents still think there is something wrong, but when they take their children to a doctor for the tics, a doctor is more likely to just say it's "tourettes" as opposed to saying they are possessed.

    As for acceptance, we still have a ways to go on that.

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    I think people are still mostly ignorant of the fact that Tourette's is a disease, and don't see that changing anytime soon unfortunately. They don't seem to be able to get past the motor and vocal tics as this is not something they will likely see again in their lifetime. In addition, many people with Tourette's suffer from OCD which adds to their burden.

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    i think that people are still very ignorant when it comes to tourette syndrome and that people are not well-informed about the condition. most folk think that tourette's is when someone shouts random swear words. this is only present in a small minority of sufferers and it is more common for sufferers to have facial tics, rapid eye blinking and throat clearing.

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    I think the most significant change is that TS is now known as a neurological disorder instead of a psychological condition

    where as before people with TS were considered mentally unstable.

    and while many people are still ignorant about this diorder I think that the families of people who have TS are now talking about it and educating others so hopefully in ten years TS will not be so miss understood; and people who have it like my son will not feel the need to explain himself to those around him.

    their is a wealth of information if you know where to look.



    Twitch and Shout: A Touretter'sTale

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