What is the Pros and Cons about the G1 phone?

I'm thinking of getting one but since it cost alot more than my previous phones, I want to make sure that the G1 is all worth it. Also, can you use Sim card? I'm going to South East Asia and planning on using Sim card from there instead of Roaming. Any advise will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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    First thing is that all T-Mobile phone have sim card.

    G1 :




    top for T-mobile right now.

    from google

    open phone

    free apps

    cheap month plan that iphone

    qwerty keyboard

    good camera with auto Focus


    not 4g or more

    battery is awful

    bad design

    thick phone

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    Source(s): Free Government Mobile Phone - http://FreeCellPhones.iukiy.com/?gQDb
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    I think it is a great phone and being that the operating system will be used on more than one carrier the software will keep growing and expanding. While other brands become stagnant with limited developers -

    The downfalls are with the volume button placement, when holding the phone with the keyboard open, and the limited bluetooth - no stereo bluetooth : [

    If you get one protect it with an Invisible shield - They are awesomely strong and can be found here http://www.invisibleskinz.com/product_p/asusg1.htm

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