What laptop should I get for school?

Thanks everyone :D But if i SHOULD get a Pc, what brand whould I get? I've done research and none seems very appealing.. Hahha.. N are Macs JUST for people who use graphics intensive programs?


Hm.. I've heard that Acer doesnt last long. And I've also heard about the problems and defects that the older generation of Macs had. Does anyone with first hand experience with the newer Macs have any complaints about them?

Update 2:

I am undecided on what laptop I should get. I really want the new macbook but the problem is that my dad is anti mac. He's more of a windows junkie. The new mac is really sweet but the only problem is that it is sort of pricey. Does anyone have any tips on what I should know about Macs before I get one? I know the basic pros and cons of d whole Mac vs Windows debacle but further info would be good. Would a Mac or other brands (example HP pavilion) last me longer? Is a Mac worth the money?

I would use the laptop for school assignments, surfing the net, music, videos an the likes. If I should get another type of laptop, please state what brand, model and why.

Best answer with details and logical reasoning :D

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    Get a used mac, that way you avoid the apple tax.

    Your school may be mac compatible, but you'll still want to be able to run windows programs, so get one that can dual boot windows

    Or, since you probably want a new computer and your dad is windows, most businesses go with IBM because it is very stable and lasts. Most consumers also go for Lenovo, HP, and Toshiba. However, for which type you'd need, it would depend on whether or not you want to take it to class with you, or if you're leaving it in your dorm.

    If you want it to be extra portable, you'll want a very small one with a replaceable battery. If you plan to leave it at your room, you'll want a larger laptop, so it'll be more inexpensive, more stable, and you can watch movies on it better.

    You'll want a computer with at least 2G of RAM, the processor for most will be good, and lots of storage. You'll also want an external harddrive to back everything up (and comes in handy if you want to bring something to the school compter to print without lugging your laptop.)

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    I like Brian E's answer and unfortunately he is correct about a lot of Mac users from my experience.

    Unless you are doing video editing or high end graphics the cost of a Mac is not worth it. I would suggest a cheap PC that covers the essentials you would need. Lan socket. 3 or 4 USB sockets. Possibly a firewire card and if possible 2gig of memory. Hard drive size is of no real importance as I would suggest storing your files on remove-able media such as a 500 gig hard drive and 8 or even 16 gig MEMORY sticks and a couple of 2 gig ones for everyday use.

    Investing in good remove-able media means you can update the laptop as and when you can afford it. Whatever you get initially you will find it does not meet all your needs as you progress. If you save all text files as RTF (Rich Text Format) they can be read fairly easily on any other machine. Picture or graphics files as JPEG or bitmap and the same applies.

    External storage media means you can concentrate on more memory in what you upgrade to rather than hard drive size. It also means a dropped or stolen laptop does not loose all your work.

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    I never say that Macs are not good. They are worth the money. But according to your tasks and purpose, I recommend any Ultra Mobile PC. They are sporty, lightweight, in budget, with good battery life and will get all those works done that you stated. You can get hard to find original Windows XP Home preinstalled on them. They cost us about Rs 15000 to Rs 25000 or $300 to $500 here in India. So many models are available like MSI Wind, Acer Aspire One, Asus Eee PC etc. My choice is Acer Aspire One. It has great looks. Very sporty and enthusiastic. Get one.

    Source(s): I am a techie.
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    I think it would be worth saving up to get the new macbook because since the new one has just come out it will be pretty much future-proof. Also, because they don't get virus' you don't need to purchase anti-virus software like you would with a pc. I have also heard that hp laptops are not very reliable. I am purchasing a pc (because i cannot afford a mac) and here is the link.


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    if you are just surfing and doing papers then i would recommend just going to Wal Mart and getting the cheapest thing you can find... it will do everything you need... a mac is really good if you are doing stuff heavy in graphics or animation... which is what i do... but for the price difference all you are gonna have is a prettier lookin laptop that you will probably never use for its pros... just get something cheap that has a built in LAN and you will be fine

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    Unless you edit video there is no reason to buy a mac. I have had 6 hp laptops. All worked perfect. I buy a new one about every 6 months.

    There is one thing a pc user can do a mac user never can. Shut up.

    Stick with pc's.

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    if you dont know a lot about macs, dont get one. I have a desktop I still can't get anything done on due to it being confusing

    if you use windows then get a computer that runs it.

    if you are going to college soon, get a computer that works 100% with the college systems or you will be buying another computer later

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    macs are worth it.. my family was anti mac and im the only one in my family who has one but they like it and they all have gotten iphones...honestly they are easier to use and they do have less problems, just be aware of your hard drive as they tend to wear out after a couple years if you do not organize your data properly

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    Toshiba Satellite L305-S5891 15.4" Widescreen Laptop (L305-S5891)

    • Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200

    • 160GB hard drive

    • Built-in 802.11bg wireless

    • 2GB of DDR2 memory

    • Burns DVDs and CDs

    • Media card reader



    if you have a better offer, show me

    if you find this laptop wanting, let me know

    "school assignments, surfing the net, music, videos", any decent modern laptop should handle with ease

    value for money is what i would be looking for


    check these deals out too, the toshiba has good graphics

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    Laptops should not be allowed in schools. We didn't even have calculators, you bunch of spoiled invididuals!

    A bunch of elitist kids with laptops. Terrible, in my opinion.

    SAME WITH CELL PHONES! When I was a teenager, one day someone made a joke that the phone was ringing in the car, as no one except the very wealthy had such a device.

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