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PS:我不要電腦 (中翻英) 翻譯軟體那一種......謝謝

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    Many people thought that the negotiations are “the exchange”, are “the communication”, are “the dialog”, are “convince”, also some people said that the negotiations are “win-win”, are “bargain back and forth”, is “the common decision-making”. These not wrong, but only said a negotiations part, but has not been able to peep the negotiations complete picture. This view only locates the negotiations is frequenting each other, the violent debate, the argument struggle's of level, or locates in the strategy level which, therefore the cloth deceptive battle array, does something secretly, mistrusts each other, the artistic experience is more than the scientific analysis. But so-called “the negotiations” should be the level higher integrity ponder and the strategy. Everybody often said that each time negotiates must reach “the win-win agreement”, but is not each time can achieve. Sometimes in the complex negotiations, even is unable defines clearly anything is “win-win” the aspect. This kind of complex situation is quite common, must therefore certainly have deals with these issues systematically. The wish negotiates successfully, must beforehand solve in all moral being in a dilemma with the conflicts of interest. Will bump into the morals which in the negotiations some must consider beforehand to be in a dilemma, including: The processing conflicts of interest must be discrete, be careful: So-called conflicts of interest i.e. may because of the alone thick some side, but obtains in financial the advantage. Must most at least certainly let all participation negotiations the object understand that oneself will face the conflicts of interest the question.

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    Many people think that negotiations are "exchange" and "communication" and "dialogue" and "persuade", some said that the talks were "win-win" and "bargaining" and "common decision-making." All this is true, but only tell a part of the negotiations, and negotiations have failed to see the whole picture. This only talks to you in the position to me, the war of words, the level of wars of words, or positioning it in the cloth Yizhen, begun in secret, the intrigues of the strategy level, the experience of art rather than scientific analysis. However, the so-called "negotiations" should be a higher level of comprehensive and strategic thinking.

    We often say that every time the negotiations have reached a "win-win agreement", but it is not always possible. In complex negotiations, sometimes not even in the end to clarify what is a "win-win" situation. This complicated the situation quite common, it must have systems to deal with these issues. Want the outcome of the negotiations, we must advance in the resolution of all moral dilemmas and conflicts of interest. In the negotiations will have to meet a number of prior consideration to the moral dilemma: dealing with conflicts of interest must be careful, be careful: the so-called conflict of interest means that they can only thick as a party, and to obtain financial advantage. The very least must let all those involved in the negotiations on the subject are aware that they will be faced with a conflict of interest.

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