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急!!!!!20點 小段文章介紹 中翻英 英文高手!!

浮線發想之島,是由年輕建築師兄弟二人共同聯手設計建造曾經得過台灣建築獎佳作。被稱為是台灣頂級民宿。首先要進房,必須先搭小船這裡就像一座私人島嶼,給住客十足的隱私。在房間裡有豪華的音響設備,還可以做舒服的SPA 另外特別是可以在房裡釣魚,或是島上騎腳踏車,湖光野餐,紅酒 水果等等

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    The floating wire sends thinks the island, was by constructs the fellow apprentices two people to collaborate young to design the construction together Taiwan construction prize excellent work. Is called is Taiwan top people sleeps. Must first enter the room, must build boat here to look like personal islands first, for resident full privacy. Has the luxurious acoustic equipment in the room, but may also make comfortable SPA other is specially may fish in the room, perhaps on the island rides the bicycle, the lake light picnic, red wine fruit and so on

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    Floating line like fa Island, by the young architects of the two brothers joined together in the construction design has won awards in Taiwan construction works. Taiwan is known as the Top Lodge. First into the room, you must first boat ride here as a private island, to the full guest privacy. There is room in the luxury of audio equipment, but also comfortable doing the SPA in particular in the other room fishing, or riding a bicycle on the island, picnic Huguang, fruits, wine, etc.


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