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internatinal rules team 08?

do you think Australia's 08 International rules team was a B grade team. like where was buddy franklin Jonathon brown richo????

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    It's a matter of player interest.

    Buddy and a lot of others are just coming of surgery.

    The team can only be selected from those who want to play. A few had surgery, others whatever the reason, just didn't want to play.

    If you go back a few years you had names like McLeod, Deledio, ROK, Gilbee, Hodge, B Harvey, Croad, Fletcher, Crawford, Hall, Judd, B Johnson, R Smith, Simpson, Hayes, Rob Murphy, Luke Power, Barry, Pavlich, Scarlett, Jakovich, Bickley, Kirk, Judd, Kerr, Wirrpunda and N Brown (Rich)

    Compare that to this years uhh.. Roger Hayden? Matty Campbell, Matthew Boyd, Petrie. All good players, don't get me wrong, but in 10 years they won't be remembered like Power, Judd, Hodge, McLeod etc.

    Where has the player interest gone?

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    Where where the big names?

    They couldn't be bothered playing a "stupid" game which has nothing to do with AFL at all. They would rather relax on holidays. Many others have surgury throughout the break.

    They give positions to the younger players.

    Do you really think that Buddy, Abblet, Brown, Richo would want to play in that game.

    I don't.

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    I agree. I would have liked to see Ablett, Cooney, Franklin, Brown, Judd etc playing. Also, I reckon that Rhys Palmer would have been good.

    But, I guess the AFL is experimenting with younger players, after the appalling behavior of Fevola and Co. in 2006

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    The thing is. Do the current best AFL players have the ability to adapt to a game like the international game?

    My answer is no.

    I don't think buddy would fit into the game at all. His style is definetly more suited to AFL. Where as smaller players are suited to the internation setup.

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    I was recently talking to a footscray legend about this very subject, he said he would never of played in today's era because of the short turn around from seasons end to pre season, the players book them selves in for operations, and just want to rest up for the next season, we both agreed that the Aussie team that next ours Ireland will be considerable stronger because of the 'trip away' factor.

    His words were, some of those blokes struggle to get a game at their clubs, maybe they should play the series at the start of the year, at least blokes would be fit and wanting to play some footy.

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    You need to select players that would be of the right style and have the right kind of talent (not meaning they have to be the best at afl) to play Gaelic football.

    Some players (buddy, brown) may be great at AFL, but gaelic is a different sport where they may not give their team as many adavntages as they do on an afl field.

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    i believe mick malthouse made a good choice because players like franklin, jonathon brown etc. wouldnt suite there style of game play and by the way some of the players like judd, franklin etc. were having surgery so they couldnt participate. The players i believe that shouldnt have been there are montagna, hunt

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    Well we could have a had a better team, but not many elite players volunteer to play the game. It was a young side, but they did very well considering they had to adapt to the different ball, and rules.

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    totally agree

    we picked all small players

    foley, rodan, boomer to name a few

    and like you said where were big guys like richo and jonathon brown?

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