How to convert binary to ASCII characters?

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i have been missing tons of school, i go to high school im a senior year 11 i take Software Design and we have been given homework to convert binary codes to ASCII characters which i more
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well this site will convert them for you

this site has a table
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  • Alan P answered 6 years ago
    This is a relatively easy problem. There is no need to worry about character codes (if I understand the question correctly). I take it you may get the string "1000001" and need to convert it into the character 'A'. Basically this requires parsing the ones and zeroes, than creating the actual numeric value (i.e. as an int in C++). This can be done with some bit-twiddling (using powers of two to create the number). From this just cast it to a character (type char in C++). hat should do it.

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  • Zach B answered 6 years ago
    ASCII characters are normal letters, there are lots of online converters, if you need to write code to convert it, just look at the source of the page (Ctrl+u). This site has an implementation in javascript, very easy to follow if you look at the page source.


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