Will you pray for a child with leukemia?

After days of tests it was confirmed today that my 6 year old nephew has leukemia. He will be going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital this coming week.

My family and I are asking everyone we know to send up a prayer for Connor. Even if you don't believe in God, any good energy you could send our way at this time would be appreciated.

He is a beautiful little boy and we are all doing everything we can for him. We will fight for Connor. Will you pray for this child...Blessings!


Jacqueline...yes, I will keep you updated. And thank you for your prayers.

Update 2:

Jennikins...thank you, dear friend, for pointing out the obvious and for your kind words.

Update 3:

To everyone...I am crying as I type this. I just learned that the diagnosis was confirmed. This child is in great pain and it is pitiful to watch. Of course, we are seeking every medical help for him. And we are asking everyone to send good thoughts, good energy and lots of prayer his way. It could not possibly hurt and will certainly help!

Update 4:

To those who believe in prayer, thank you so much for lifting Connor up! It means everything to us right now.

And to those who do not believe in God but who send kind thoughts and helpful advise our way, I hope God blesses you for your kindness and compassion toward Connor. And I thank you with all my heart.

Update 5:

devora k...awsome! Thank youso much!

Update 6:

Lady M.---thank you so much! This happened very suddenly. In the space of one week (seriously, one week!), Connor went from being okay to having swollen joints and being in extreme pain. I will keep you updated on his progress. And again, I thank you, my friend, for your sincere support and prayers.

Update 7:

Oh my...so many loving and sincere responses! Thank you all so much.

We have not had to face this type of trouble and sorrow in our family until now. We are a huge familyand we have been very blessed that all of our children and grandchildren have been healthy. We do not take that for granted...we thank God for that.

But now we are fighting for Connor. And we will rely on medicine, prayer, God, and any good wishes we can get. For Connor!

Update 8:

NJ---Connor is at Children's Hospital in Little Rock tonight. He was supposed to go tomorrow but his fever rose to 107F and he became so weak that the doctors admitted him today. He is currently waiting for a place/bed at St. Judes in Memphis. Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers.

Update 9:

Jasmine---thank you so much.

Update 10:

Maars---thank you, my friend.

Update 11:

LeslieAnn---thank you for your prayers, my friend. And thank you for an excellent answer. The children were special to Jesus.

Update 12:

This outpouring of love, good wishes, hope and prayer from so many on R & S is overwhelming and wonderful. I will make sure that Connor's Mom reads your answers. They will encourage her so much. Blessings, everyone!

Update 13:

I need to update everyone...first, Connor's temp. was 100.7 F when they got him to the hospital. Not 107F. My sister misquoted the doctors on that one. I guess she was so upset that she just got it wrong.

Also, the chemo won't be started at Arkansas Children's Hospital. They are transfering Connor to St. Judes within the next 48 hours. The tests today show that the cancer is advanced and he will need agressive treatment. The doctors think that St. Judes will be the best place for him.

Update 14:

Jessica...your prayer gave me strength just reading it. Thank you my friend. I will see that Connor's Mom reads your prayer. I know it will help her too.

As for Connor, I talked to him very briefly this evening but he didn't have much time for his "Aunt Kat" because the nurses had brought him a Play Station and he was feeling well enough to play his video games this evening!! He sounded better tonight. Thank you Jess, and everyone, for your prayers and good thoughts!

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    I stopped and prayed for your Conor and all who love him before I answered the question. I am sorry for all of you who suffer with him.

    The Bible writes of Jesus' love for all children. It shows they are special to him. In his time children had little worth until they could labor and therefore benefit the family unit. Jesus scolded His disciples for shooing off some little kids who wanted to be near Jesus and He told them "Do not forbid them for of such as these is the kingdom of God"

    Connor is personally loved by the God of the Universe and so are all of us. Count on God's love and mercy and KNOW He is going to help you all through this painful difficulty. I care and i'm a stranger, how much more God cares!!!!!


    prayer warrior

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  • Thank you for spreading the word out for everybody to know about this. Hope that Connor will be doing better. Stared this so that others can follow this easier. Glad that he made it to ST. Jude. Hope for the best for him and again, thank you for letting us know.

    This might be reported as chatting, but had to look at other answers. The shortest prayer is God. From that you can add or anything to it and all you can ask Him( that's assuming if you believe, but that's up to you) to aid Connor out. Saw that somebody didn't know how to pray, but it's really up to you. Doesn't matter on what words you are thinking. You just simply need to think positively on the matter. Simple as that. God Bless and Good Luck!

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  • NJ
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    1 decade ago

    Yes I will. I'm sorry to hear about this little boy but I know 100% he has a chance at St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

    This Center has a remarkable success rate of curing children with Leukemia and many other types of cancer.

    Any donations that anyone out there who can give to this Hospital will always be appreciated. St. Jude turns away no child and their families.

    I have two nieces who works there and it is heart breaking, but miracles takes place there everyday. Our prayer will be with Connor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I will definitely pray for him, They say that laughing is the best medicine, so try to make him laugh as stupid as that sounds. Be sure to stand beside your faith no matter what other people have said.

    I am really sorry about your nephew, My thoughts are with you and your Family.

    My aunt recently passed from Breast Cancer and Leukemia, So I understand what your family must be going through. When a child has Leukemia, It is more likely that the child will get through it rather than an adult.

    But I am sure that he will make it through just fine :)

    Best wishes

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just asked the Lord to be with & heal & Connor and that His will be done in Connor's life in Jesus' name & for Him to be with & give his family peace & strength. I also asked Him to be with the doctors, nurse, & everyone involved in Connor's treatment & to use the knowledge He gave them. I'm sure all of you (Connors family) are doing everything you can for him.

    God has blessed medical professionals so much with an explosion of knowledge in recent years & they will receive glory from God some time after the consummation of ages (IF they have put their trust & faith in Jesus Christ). The Book of Revelation says that ALL who have put their trust & hope in Jesus will receive glory from God for using the knowledge He gave them to bring glory & honor to Him here on earth.

    I will remember Connor in my prayers before I go to sleep tonight. Please tell Connor & the rest of your family that there are many people who have prayed for him here on this site. May God bless all of you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear Lord I look around me and all I see are acts of love and hope and expressions of concerns. Hundreds of kind hearts joining to pray for Connor to overcome his first great test of life. Hear the prayer of these united hearts seeking the salvation of Thy Son's sacrifice, seeking forgiveness and a cure. Add thy heart to the crusade Father. Jesus give them the strength, for the hundreds are true penitents. They seek to better the world beyond themselves. They seek to save this little lamb of God. So let their strength flow with Yours and let it touch the cancer in Connors body. Let it be both a cure and a redemption. Let it be a gospel that spreads the miracle to hardened hearts touch by the disease of sin. One child in a manger redeemed the world. Let Connor's cure continue to spread that gospel. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

    † Equitable Prayer Warrior †

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  • 1 decade ago

    Father God in this moment of trials I want to lift my friend Kat and her precious family up to you.

    It is so hard for us to understand when we see a little one facing suffering. But, I have faith in you Dad that you will take my little brother Connor and turn his burden into a blessing 7 times greater than before.

    Father God, I am reminded of Job and the many tears he shed. I am reminded of how he never lost faith. Your promises come to those who keep faith in you. I ask you Father to hold this family in your embrace.

    I command the mightiest of angels to surround Connor and his family to protect them.

    I REBUKE satan's curse of illness upon Connor and replace it with love,health,healing strength from our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Lord, my sister Kat is hurting right now. I want to send a special prayer out for her. Lord she is your faithful servant, and Dad I know Connor's family needs someone with Your presence inside of them. Kat is that person Dad. Help her to stay strong Lord. Let your angels stay beside her at all times. Renew her strength in Your Word.

    Lord she has been there for me when I needed a kind word. Lord move in the way for her today and every day.

    Lord, move.

    Thank you father, Praise you Lord. Hallelujah-You are mighty!

    I believe in you Lord!

    Thank you Jesus...

    Kat, I am so sorry to hear of your nephew. And yes he is in my prayer as you and your whole family are. Sister be strong! Be the mighty woman of God, I know you are! Please e-mail me if you ever need to. Know that you all are in my prayers.

    God bless you sister,


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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi..I am feeling your pain as I read what you have written. I will be so honored to pray for little Connor.

    Our Dearest Father in Heaven...

    You have told us that we can come to you when we are in trouble. We are bringing Connor before you tonight. He is just a little boy and he is in pain. It is hurting this family so much to see him suffer like this. They are devastated with the diagnosis that he has been given. God, I know that you can do ANYTHING...you have ALL POWER!! I am asking for your will to be done in Connor's life. If it is best I am asking that he be healed totally and we will praise and thank you for that. If in seeing the bigger picture you find this not to be best, please help this family to be accepting of your will. I know it is not your will to see sin and suffering and that you will bring this to an end soon. I remember when Joseph in the Bible said that what was meant for evil God used for the good and saved many more people. (Genesis 50:20)

    I am asking that whatever you deem best for this little boy and his family....that you will give the doctors wisdom in his care.....that you will keep him from suffering....that you will surround him with angels to protect and comfort him. Please bring this family closer together and closer to you because of this little boy. Please give them the strength they will need to get through this. Help them to see each day as a gift from you and to treasure them. I thank you for hearing and answering my prayer and for what you are about to do in their lives. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus.....AMEN!

    † On-call Prayer Warrior †

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes, prayer works wonders. I will pray now. Going to sleep soon. Good night. God bless you all (your whole family and especially Connor).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dearest Kat,

    I am so sad and so sorry, what a deeply hurting time for you and your family! My heart breaks for you and your little nephew, and my tears fall.

    I offer all my thoughts and energy out to the cosmos and to the Universe for healing powers to settle on him, to touch him and cure him. To bring comfort and strength, relief from pain, physical and emotional, and for all love and family unity to hold and shield this little boy with a blanket of sweet tenderness and all good hopes.

    East, South, West, North

    Inspiration, Transformation, Meditation, Re-birth

    Air Fire, Water, Earth,


    Blessed be

    Take heart my good friend, the good healers of our world are working hard to help children stricken with this, and although it must appear very scary and grim right now, you must hold fast to hope and live with the idea in your hearts that he will be OK.

    I care. Please email me anytime you like.

    Your friend,

    Lady Morgana

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