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Do people realize that Obama may be proven soon to be ineligible to serve as president?

Philip J. Berg, former deputy attorney of Pennsylvania and a lifelong DEMOCRAT, has brought an injunction for the United States Supreme Court to ask them to stay the national election on Nov. 4th. He says that Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president of the united states because he was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii. He even has audio of obama's paternal grandmother saying how proud she was when she was in the delivery room in kenya when he was born. His birth certificate was supposedly submitted and can be seen on, but it has been proven to be fraudulent. Why does obama refuse to answer the allegations and show his actual birth certificate and end all this? He refuses to prove he is a citizen and has filed motions to dismiss. What does this man have to hide? And why is the media not touching this or reporting anything about it. Do people not see that this man could very well be lying to us all?

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    Obama is NOT a natural born citzen of the USA

    There is no original documantation or copies showing Barack born at any hospital in Hawaii

    The Image of Barack Certifcate of live birth on factcheck has had the certifcate numbers blacked out

    which invalidates the document

    Factcheck is owned by a company that Barack Obama was once on the board

    There is original documation of Obama's birth at the COAST PROVINCIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL in Mobasso Kenya witnessed by 3 people including Obama's kenyan grandmother who has testified on tape that Obama was born in Kenya

    Here is a link to one of the videos with Obama's paternal grandmother

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    Evan, please, you cannot believe this. Obama is a citizen of this country, born in Hawaii with roots in Kansas. He was not born in Kenya and we all know better. The lawsuit is a JOKE.

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    Is that why multiple courts have so far said that these lawsuits have no basis to proceed?

    And the big question, if these claims are true, why are McCain/Palin pushing the issues? Could it be that even THEY don't believe them?

    BTW, your foil hat is slipping.

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