How is the United States involved with Taiwan?

How is the United States involved with Taiwan? What are some controversies going on right now between the United States and China regarding Taiwan?

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    This goes way back.

    Taiwan was a part of China's Ming Dynasty(1368 – 1644), then Qing Dynasty(1644~1368). However, Taiwan was the last stronghold of Ming. Qing did not bring it to its control until 1683 after the defeating of the remaining Ming forces.

    At the end of 19th century, Qing empire lost a war to Japan, and was forced to give Taiwan to Japan.

    Qing empire fell in 1912, and it was replaced by Republic of China (ROC) established by Sun Yat-sen.

    Under Dr. Sun, ROC was a multi-party democracy. The two major political parties were

    1. Nationalist party or KMT.

    2. communist party or CCP

    As soon as Dr. Sun passed away, Chiang Kai Shek took over. He quickly ordered the massacre of all CCP. People were arrested and shot on the streets all over the country. Remaining communists party launched uprising with a ROC army still under their control. Which was the beginning of the Chinese civil war. The communists failed miserably at first with their tiny army, and went to hide in the mountains. Jiang tried repeatedly sent massive troops to wipe them out, but he was ...

    ...interrupted by Japanese invasion (WWII). Then resumed at 1945 after Japan's surrender.

    Jiang Kai Shek, a dictator, who will shoot everyone who did not agree with him, had a wife name Soong May-ling who had lots of connections in high places in the U.S. government. Thus he had full support of the U.S. since the beginning.

    Taiwan was given !!!back!!! to China in 1945 as WWII ended. It was under Japanese occupation for exactly 50 years.

    The resumed civil war lasted from 1945~1949, and Jiang Kai Shek was defeated by the CCP. Taiwan became his last stronghold...ROC's last stronghold, while the CCP established People's Republic of China (PRC) on mainland.

    The U.S. sent 7th fleet to guard Taiwan for Jiang. While had other plans to create "buff zones" while divide China, such as in Tibet.

    With only a handful surrendered ROC warships, PRC had no means to end the civil war once for all by taking Taiwan.

    However, with the U.S. support, ROC was still in UN to represent ALL OF CHINA until 1972. In 1972, with overwhelm support of third world countries, PRC finally replaced ROC as the legitimate government of ALL OF CHINA. <-- Keep in mind, the U.S. still voted against.

    Taiwan, technically still called ROC - Republic of China, has constitution of ROC is the legal government of entire China.

    Since the U.S. and western anti-communist countries against communists, it's always "enemy's enemy is my friend" to them. They not only supported Taiwan militarily and economically, but also using propaganda to make their own citizens to support Taiwan.

    Many westerners believe they are doing a right thing to support Taiwan mostly because they believe Taiwan is a democracy. However, they failed to realize that

    1. Jiang Kai Shek ruled for about 50 years until he died. Then his oldest son Chiang Ching-kuo took over until he died himself in 1988.

    That was KINGSHIP! Democracy my @ss.

    2. Taiwan was still a single-party dictatorship until 1996. Or rather, it was NOT democracy until 1996. Which means only 12 years!!!

    3. The western anti-communist countries supported Jiang Kai Shek LONG BEFORE Taiwan became democracy.

    Technically, there was never a treaty signed between the communists on mainland and KMT on Taiwan. Thus, China is still in the state of a civil war. And current state is directly caused by the intervene of the U.S.

    To Coordinates-TW,

    You are full of Bullshit!

    Some "documents' on random web sites written by yourself don't mean crap!

    Historical facts - (You can find it EVERYWHERE)

    Taiwan was a part of Ming Dynasty(1368 – 1644). At the end of Ming Dynasty, the Dutches took over Taiwan when Ming Dynasty was busying fighting Manchu. Then the Ming general Zheng Chenggong commanded a fleet of 25,000 men retake Taiwan from the Dutches, On February 1, 1662 the Dutch Governor of Taiwan, Frederik Coyett, surrendered at Fort Zeelandia. Taiwan returned to Ming China after 38 years of Dutch rule.

    In 1677, Qing Dynasty conquered the final stronghold of Ming Dynasty - Taiwan, and integrated it into a part of Fujian Province across the strain.

    In 1895, the failing Qing Dynasty lost a war to Japan, and was FORCED(it means unwillingly = illegal = did not count) to give Taiwan to Japan.

    After WWII, Taiwan was returned to Republic of China(ROC) as it should be.

    In 1949, ROC lost everything but Taiwan to the PRC(People's Republic of China).

    Once again, you(Coordinates-TW) are full of crap!

    Source(s): Facts, facts, facts If you want to confirm...go check all history books, and google all you want from web sites with high credibilities
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    The US has treaties with Taiwan, yet has also stated that it does not challenge China's claim that Taiwan is part of that country. The US getting involved would basically mean choosing sides in what would effectively be a civil war. So far, recently, the US has show no real restraint in that area, and seems determined to think it has the unilateral right to decide how other countries should be governed. So, should the US get involved? No. Will the US get involved? Take a number.

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    Taiwan is an island which is not a part of China indeed. Don't believe in the political story concocted by China to coerce all people around the world into regarding Taiwan as a province of mainland China.

    I am a Taiwanese and I also think of myself as a Chinese, but I am not the citizen of the mainland China..that is what I must punctuate.

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    Under the San Francisco Peace Treaty of 1952, the United States is the principal occupying power of Taiwan. A new lawsuit in Washington D.C. (Fall 2008) explains the USA-Taiwan relationship in detail, and also illuminates why native Taiwanese people should be carrying some form of US overseas passport.

    The common conception that native Taiwanese people have "Rep. of China nationality" is totally without legal basis.

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    During the Chinese Civil war, the defeated democrats fled to the Island of Taipei, and proceeded to set up the Government of Chinese Taipei, more commonly known as Taiwan. And the victorious Communists under Mao Zedong took control of the Chinese mainland, and proceeded to set up the People's Republic of China. The United States vowed to defend Taiwan in the case that the mainland should ever try to exert control over Taiwan, in lieu of its policy of Detente with regards to communism. So in essence, the United States has a responsibility to defend Chinese Taipei(Taiwan) in the case the the mainland should ever attack them.

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    Taiwan is a democracy and an Island very close to China. China has constantly made threats to invade Taiwan, make it Communist and a part of China. This would take way the freedom Taiwan enjoys, take away their independence and swallow them up into the Chinese lack of human rights for its citizens. I believe we have promised Taiwan that if China were to invade them, we would be one of their allies and thus another way to get into war with China. The fact China has not done this shows their knowledge of our promise and I doubt very much they want to test us. They don't want war with us anymore than we we do with them.

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