Bands On Your Back Burner...?

2-part Q:

These are bands you've Never heard & you'd been *Meaning* to give a listen to for weeks, maybe months, but just never got around to it.

Maybe you'd seen them mentioned here, or a friend recommended them, or you'd just heard about them & were curious.

2) Go find them on Youtube, then come back here & tell whether they appealed to you or not.

Name the band(s) & song(s) you tried. :)


Eagles of Death Metal

Angels & Airwaves

A Perfect Circle

Force 5

The Fall of Troy

will return w/ like em or nots.... :)


Eagles of Death Metal - "I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)"/ "I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News)" ....They did not sound a THING like I was expecting! What a catchy song! It's official- I like these guys!

onto the others...

Update 2:

Angels and Airwaves - "Secret Crowds"/ "The Adventure" ....Hmm. I think this is for the FOB crowd. Those familiar whiny vocals were there. Not for me.

Update 3:

A Perfect Circle- "Passive"/ "Weak And Powerless"...Vocals reminded me of Tool. I wasn't blown away, but I could def' get into them. I think they'd be a "sleeper hit" for me. They'd grow on me..but fast, I suspect. Glad I finally tried em.

Update 4:

beatles maniac- I'd recommend hearing Genesis' 70s work BIG time. It's very different from the poppy stuff you found.

Update 5:

Family Force 5- "Drama Queen"/ "Put Your Hands Up"....I took one look at their pictures & thought- "Ok. another FOB-whiny type band." I was surprised. They have a different sound. Sense of humor. Rock riffs w/ an "urban" 'tude. VERY cool to hear an old school keyboard in "Hands Up"! I'll be damned, I liked these 2 songs...

Update 6:

Jackie- Lol! No way! I *knew* I wasn't goin' crazy! I'll be damned! Also shows how far on the backburner they were for me. Thx!

Update 7:

The Fall of Troy- "Cut Down All The Trees"/ "Ex-Creations"...Strange band! There was something very..."progressive screamo" about them. Bizarre song structures. I liked that! They could use a *little* more melody, but they're interesting. I think I'd have to hear more.

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    1 decade ago
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    This question was an awesome idea.

    Isis: I saw these guys live a couple of times opening for the Melvins - and just wasn't all that impressed, but people keep telling me that if I love the Melvins, I'll love Isis... so I'm giving their studio efforts a chance and.... my initial observation still stands.... they're kind of mediocre. Nothing new there.

    Department of Eagles:

    I listened to "Romo-Goth"

    It was much different than I was expecting when I was told it was a side project of one of the guys from "Grizzly Bear." Much more Rock/pop oriented, a less challenging sound, but still really indie - they definitely work with the rest of the 4AD label sound. I'm going to have to hunt down "In Ear Park" now.

    Eagles of Deathmetal:

    Good tongue-in-cheek stuff from what I've seen. QOTSA is one of my favorite bands, and this is really working for me too.


    They have that whole "wall of sound" thing I was expecting from a shoegaze band inspired by Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. And I like the kind of surfpop sound that they add to it. "Kaleidoscope" and "Dreams Burn Down" were the songs I listened to and they were both really great - but also different enough from one another that I might have to do some more digging before making up my mind. So far so good though.

    The Libertines:

    Pretty good stuff - inoffensive guitar oriented indie rock. Nothing too special.

    So that means:

    YEA to the two bands with eagles in their name

    NAY to Isis

    a little more research for Ride - but a possible YEA

    and then Maybe, we'll see if its kinda slow I'll pick them up at some point to - the Libertines

    edit: TSR - I'm in agreement with you on Apples in Stereo - good band, very pop sounding, but no where near as good as Neutral Milk Hotel.

    If you don't like Fleet Foxes - I'll be shocked.... SHOCKED!

    white winter hymnal gets into my head - and then won't leave for days...


    They only have the one full length - but the EP that preceded it, if you can find it cheap enough, is worth a purchase too


    Floating in Glass:

    Animal Collective is tremendous. I recommend Grass, For Reverand Green and Peacebone if you're just starting out. and I won't repeat what I said about Fleet Foxes above. (shocked.... SHOCKED!)

    Also, Circulatory System's self-titled was awesome.

    You got a good list there for the most part. The Raincoats are an acquired taste, but I love them (I love Riotgrrl stuff)

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, Pearl Jam. But I already checked them out and like what I heard, so Eric's happy. others I've been recommended/just wondered about are:

    Silversun Pickups ~ watched Lazy Eye vid, sounds good. & WOW that guy sounds like a girl! (no bad thing though!)

    The Monks ~ watched some old live vids, honestly don't know what to think. Might have to give this one some time

    Os Mutantes ~ same experience, more or less

    Fleet Foxes ~ saw video for White Winter Hymnal, sounds great.

    The Raincoats ~ sound kind of cool. May just listen to them again :)

    Animal Collective ~ listening to Peacebone video. Sounds awesome, really different.


    I like the Apples In Stereo, but my favourite E6 band at the moment (apart from NMH and OTC) is Circulatory System, their self titled album is great.

    Oh and Radio Waves, for The Libertines I'd recommend Time For Heroes or France (that was a hidden track but i love it) ~ I don't like them as much as i used to, but still love a lot of their songs, especially from Up The Bracket.

    I'll finish this in the morning! It's 3 a.m. here.... why does that always happen =/

    Edit: I'm not angry Eric, just listen to Zoo Time or The Tale... their first EP flotsam & jetsam is still my favourite thing theyve done *yawn* mumble mumble and yes you need Grace and Oracular Spectacular too, but Grace first. and listen to Last Goodbye *yawn*

    Edit#2: the only riot grrl band i really know is Huggy Bear, but they're cool.

    Edit#3: This was a great idea. I'll definitely listen to Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective again.

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    Echo and the Bunnymen: "The Killing Moon" --I really enjoyed this song, and will definitely check out more of their work! They remind me a lot of The Dire Straits mixed with The Smiths.

    Apples in Stereo: They were okay. I like Neutral Milk Hotel a -lot- more. Really pop-ish, and I just realized that they sing a song for the Powerpuff Girls. THAT was a trip into the past... (But I LOVED the song made for Stephen Colbert :D)

    Opeth: "The Grand Conjuration"-- Not really my kind of band. I rarely listen to music this...dark? But I can see why a lot of people would like them.

    Eisley: Reminds me a LOT of Tegan and Sara, and I -love- T&S. But there's also some Avril Lavigne in there, and I'm -not- crazy about that. But not bad.

    The Fleet Foxes: Currently listening to "Blue Ridge Mountains" and I'm -loving- it. I could definitely see myself falling in love with this band.

    Rush: "YYZ"-- Hmm... I think I'd like them a lot more if I hadn't heard so much about how amazing they are. I think I'd placed them on a pedestal before listening. They're definitely good. But not as great as I was expecting. (Though the drummer is every bit what I was hoping for--I know people have been singling his talent out in particular).

    ***Radio Waves-- You're right. I have to go buy their album now. Or find out if they have more than one. If all of their songs are half as good as "Blue Ridge Mountains," I'm all over it. I'll listen to Winter White Hymnal really quick.

    edit: "Winter White Hymnal" was fantastic! I can see how it'd get stuck in your head--so catchy! And I can feel the 'winter' part of it.

  • Jackie
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    1 decade ago

    I have about 3 pages filled with bands I've been meaning to check out.

    Let me edit.. :)

    Hortus Animae - Wow, these guys are actually pretty good!

    Vanishing Point - Another great band!! I really like these guys!

    Dark Age- They sound pretty good. I dig 'em.

    Aeon - Again, these guys sound pretty good! I think they're one of the best Death Metal bands I've checked out in a while

    Evermork- They sound good

    Beyond the Embrace- Umm.. They're OKAY I don't really dig the vocals.

    Nightrage - They're okay. Pretty decent.

    Off to youtube!..Back!

    Edit: Fonzie, just lettin' ya know, the lead singer in APC is from Tool. So that's why they probably sound a lot alike. lol

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  • 4 years ago

    They may be using media that can handle longer burn times. For band CDs, I can't think of any at all more than 80 minutes long. Are you sure it's not a DVD with the greater than 80 minute song length?

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    1 decade ago

    Muse - I like them :) Maybe a little too alternative for me though...

    Yes - Listened to Changes, It Can Happen, Love Will Find a Way and Roundabout....I *really* like them :D

    I'm starting to love Progressive Rock....

    Genesis - Listened to Invisible Touch and Land of Confusion...I like them so far....I like their almost popish sound

    Jethro Tull - I like Locomotive Breath (especially the flute solo in it) and Aqualung. Good band :D

    Rush - YYZ and Tom Sawyer are really good. I'm glad I looked into this band.

    ..I'm glad you asked this question Fonzie :)


    Fonz - Ok thank you....I'll look into it :)

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    1 decade ago

    Between The Buried And Me

    NO THANKS on the Vocals, agh. Not My speed at all

    In Flames

    Musically \mm/METAL\mm/ Vocals, improvement over BTBM.


    Best band yet, they're totally \mm/METAL\mm/ I can see why Rox loves Em. They RULE!! They're like Prog Metal!!


    Recommended by Vicky. They're AWESOME!!! great stuff!!!

    I am glad I did this!!

    Off to Youtube..back from Youtube, lol

  • 1 decade ago

    I know i need to check out Jeff Buckley

    even my friends have heard him.

    ive heard his "Halelujah" cover of course

    and "grace" but thats it.

    Mystery Jets are another one

    i need to check out.

    Jennifer(or Floating in glass) is a

    little angry that all ive heard is "young love"

    ill get around to it Jen, promise:D

    MGMT sounds like a band i could

    get hooked to pretty fast!

    Im pretty sure thats it for now but

    if anyone has recomendations

    ill check em out:)

  • Chuck Ragan - Wow....i heard of this guy from SideOneDummy records....a punk ska record company...hes like....Folk..uh, i dont really like it. folks not my favorite....

    The Ataris - Too poppy for me...dont like it much...well......its decent i guess

    The Briggs - I tried "Charge Into The Sun" I really did like it! A good modern punk band i never heard before.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So I'm back from YouTube...

    Funeral for a friend

    ... I liked them a bit. I'd listen to them again.


    ... eh, they're okay.

    the red chord

    A little too hardcore for me lol. might like them after listening to them for a while.


    okay, she has a nice voice but nah.

    and bad religion.


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