How would my Chinese name be read in Japanese?

My surname is 柯 and my given name is 時晴. I would really like to know. Thanks!

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    Ka Jisei カ ジセイ

    Actually famous Chinese people are read in on-yomi.

    毛沢東 Mou Takutou 諸葛孔明 Shokatsu Koumei

    温家宝 On Kahou 胡錦濤 Ko Kintou

    "時", "晴" are familiar characters at name of person in Japan. So, Japanese people maybe read your name "Tokiharu" in kun-yomi, if they don't know you are Chinese.

    But "柯" is not familiar, so, they maybe think it is surely Chinese name.

    And "Tokiharu" is almost male name.

    So, they read your name "Ka Jisei".

    By the way, "Haru" is the special reading when you name person. "晴" is usually read "hare(晴れ)" or "hareru(晴れる)" in kun-yomi.

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    柯 : ka

    時晴: toki-haru or ji-sei

    Note 柯 is not the character that every Japanese knows.

    The character 晴 is normally read as "hare" or "sei." However, this can be read as "haru" if if comes as a name.

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    柯 (ka or furu/e)

    時(ji or toki) 晴 (sei or hare)

    ji-sei (or toki-hare )

    Japanese names are usually read by their kun-yomi (Japanese Reading) ...

    so maybe you would choose Furu Tokihare OR E Tokihare

    Source(s): Studying Kanji (Chinese Characters) and a kanji pronounciation dictionary
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    Your Surname: ケニア共和国

    Your Name: が明確に

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