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herbalife nutrition club?

what do i need to open a herbalife nutrition club.?

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    you can check your manual actually.

    Dear Valued Herbalife Distributors,

    All Herbalife Independent Distributors operating a Nutrition Club or is opening a Nutrition Club will be

    required to do the following steps:

    Step 1: Register with Herbalife

    Fill in the Nutrition Club Registration Form. You can obtain the form from Herbalife Distributor Services

    Department. Once filled, you are required to return the form and attach two passport size pictures for the

    Nutrition Club Identification Cards.

    Step 2: Nutrition Club Opening

    Nutrition Club opening will require sample of invitation leaflet or flyers to be enclosed with the registration

    form. All Herbalife Independent Distributors opening a Nutrition Club is required to purchase the Nutrition

    Club Guidebook (SKU : 6916) as reference towards Nutrition Club Rules & Regulations and Standard

    Operating Procedures.

    Step 3: Nutrition Club Monthly Activity Reporting Form

    Nutrition Club Hosts are required to complete and return this form by the 10th of each month. The objective

    of this form is to enable for the company to track the success rate of Nutrition Club.

    Step 4: Testimonials and Pictures

    Nutrition Club Hosts are encouraged to provide pictures of opening or some good testimonials from club

    members for publication in the Todays Magazine.

    Step 5: Nutrition Club Plaque

    If you’re running a Nutrition Club, you’re helping to make the world healthier. Herbalife wants to recognise

    your efforts!

    To be eligible to receive a plaque you must:

    · Manage a Nutrition Club with at least 15 members attending daily

    · Be open a minimum of 5 days a week

    Share how you are achieving your results for at least three consecutive months and we will send you a

    beautiful Nutrition Club Plaque to display in your Club!

    For more information, please do not hesitate to call Distributor Services.

    check here ..

    Source(s): Carol Herbalife Independent Distributor Contact me to know more : or my Blog :
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    Erik P. I own 2 nutrition Clubs and would be happy to assist you, if you haven't already attained a coach. My name is Tauna and you can check out my web site at

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    Is there any herbalife Nutrition Club directories?

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    Become a herbalife distributor, use the products and talk to people. Then when u are confident enough about the products, find a suitable location and set up the club

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