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what would u do ????!?

my hrt is bf thinks am a dumb... i found things about him he never told mme b4...felt so shocked and like the the whole world is looking at me while my heart deep is cryin for wht i gave and did 4 him....i dont know wht to do yes it is hard to move on and it is harder to except it...i didnt let hime to explane coz it was pics i saw by my own eyes so no more excuses, not feels like a fire deep inside me...feels hurt so badly...he acts like its o.k but it is not with me...i feel he dont care after he travelled away..well i think if u love someone u will repect him either u were in canada or usa or even on the MOON.....! am broke

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    FORGET HIM theres plenty of fish in the sea r w/e they say tell him to get lost and u need to move on

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