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What is the future movie industry ?

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    Well, no one can accurately predict the future of anything. As to your question, is there something specific ABOUT the movie industry that you are interested in predicting?

    That said, based on the past, we can make assumptions that people will still want to be entertained. As technology changes both in terms of image acquisition and for distribution, the current production and exhibition paradigms may change. Electronic image acquisition (HD digital over traditional film) is gradually taking hold over production and post production in the professional industry, but film still is favored for many reasons. Film may be around forever, but there is no way to tell. It is still the best archiving media we have, so for that reason alone, film may outlast any current popular forms of image acquisition.

    Distribution is determined by economics, so if people continue to go to theaters to view movies, then theaters will remain. Home "theaters" are popular for a lot of reasons, but the theater business model remains strong around the world. While cel phone and other emerging technologies are popular for a lot of reasons, the odds that people will favor watching movies on tiny screens are very slim.

    In terms of work for cast and crew, Republican "Trickle Down" economics since Ronald Reagan have all but decimated the US film industry as corporations are permitted to move work overseas in search of less expensive labor and locations. As with many other industries, unless something is done to curtail "runaway production" the most qualified workers will not be able to earn a living and the industry will be left with only the most desperate who are willing to work for less than a livable wage.

    Cast will still be used and developed on an "as needed" basis. If someone can break out of the crowd and show a corporation that he/she is able to attract a large audience, then that person will have the power to demand insane amounts of upfront income and become a moviestar. A very very small percentage of people ever achieve that special status of Hollywood royalty and the money that comes from it. Most other Actors will continue to struggle to make a modest living doing what they really want to do while supplementing their income with other pursuits.

    The movie industry will carry on, but economics and technological advances will continue to change the way it operates as always.

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

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    It will continue to diversify its distribution onto smaller screens (hand held devices) and online. For the next 5 years at least, product at the big budget level will continue to be licensed fare from the gaming industry or comic book industry.

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    More new young actor's.

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