Who do you support? ?

Barack Obama- Joe Biden of the Democratic Party or...

John McCain- Sarah Palin of the Republican Party


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    1 decade ago
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    None of the above.

    I support Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez.

    1 - Nader is more fiscally conservative than McCain or Obama. Nader wants to cut the bloated military budget, use a .001 speculative tax to relieve income tax burdens, single payer health care to remove vague cost shifting that jacks up rates on everything else.

    2 - Nader is more socially liberal than McCain or Obama. He backs revoking the Patriot Act, FISA citizen spying immunity, and impeaching Bush and Cheney for recidivist violations of the constitution and law. He backs taking our mercenaries and executives out of Iraq, which will knock the legs out of the insurgency. He backs no more wars based on lies. Obama and McCain keep forgetting that Iraq was a criminal war and we should not leave mercenaries and executives and 60,000 troops which fuel the insurgency requirements.

    3 - Nader's accomplishments top both McCain, Obama, Biden and Palin's put together. I know he had the help of citizens who cared and fought hard, but the list of things from the Freedom of Information Act to helping India obtain cheap AIDS drugs is amazing.

    Gonzalez was actually a real public defender for years, and led the charge for runoff voting and the highest minimum wage in the country, which didn't seem to hurt San Fransisco's economy at all.

    Nader and Gonzalez have an integrity that the big money, pro war candidates McCain and Obama lack.

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    Obama/ Biden

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    I support Barack Obama because he would make such a powerful history towards america and black people.

    He is also a very good person and i may not be an american and voting but god make him win because he deserves the most.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't like either. However I voted for McCain (absentee vote).

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  • You lie and I catch you, your toast. Obama has cremated a loaf of bread already.

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    1 decade ago


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