What's next for the R's?

Will they shrink their support by turning the Grand Ole Party into the Grand Ole Opry? Do the numbers support such a strategy?


I am asking this question not in mean spirited way. Much of the intellentsia of the R's has abandoned McCain/Palin, and the two dozen retired generals and admirals on stage at the DNC convention certainly was different; later their voice was joined by Colin Powell's.

We do need a loyal opposition in this country in order to refine representation. So, I am asking what direction will the R's go that makes sense, or will they only become the party that is against things? To garner more support in this next election, they should be FOR something. What will they bring to the table? Let's just not sloganeer here, or throw rocks. Surfing trolls, stay out of this one. The R's could use some help here. What would gain support? Let's hear some ideas, not just tantrum-like insults.

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    Well they may yet win the Presidency but they will definitely lose both houses of congress. And McCain is no Reagan--nothing much will happen.

    But the probability points to loss of the Executive and Legislative branches and perhaps a huge loss in seats in legislatures. But to kill off a major political party is very difficult. Republicans saw similar losses with Goldwater in 1964 and in 1976 after the Nixon scandals, and they came back.

    But there may be a rift this time, and possibly a third party. Once, I wrote an article about the future of American Politics and I identified that potential third party as the Lawn Ordure Lynching Party, but that was very unkind. The third party might well be the cultural continuation of Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads, the Puritans, and the Salem Witch Trials.

    And then we can welcome the remaining Republicans back into a two-party era of good will.

    Extremists on both sides have their uses. Sometimes they can point out something silly we are planning to do, but they most likely are more comfortable when they are not trying to hijack one of the major American parties.

  • No. You have the parties mixed up. The messiah will drop out, take all of his followers and buy up the charred land of south side Chicago that was looted and burned after the after landslide win for McCain. Then while all in that area are sitting around crying woe is me, he will film them and make an infomercial claiming that the only way to have hope is to let him run for office again, while the R's will just continue to do their best for their families and country - And some people do like Grand ole Opry, I do not, but so what if they do?

    Your question is offensive to some as my answer is probably to others, but you have the freedom to express yourself & I respect that.

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    The GOP will look ahead to 2010 when they will take back the Congress. After 2 years of the 3 stooges (Barry, Pelosi & Reid), voters will say "oh, sh*t, we can't continue to have no checks and balances."

    Barry will only be a 1 term president IF he's elected. Remember Carter?

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    Let's see, after they win on the 4th, I guess they will go about the Business of running the Country, and repairing the racial divide that the left slyly insinuated into this cycle.

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    After we win big this election, we will proceed to fix what the Democrat run Congress has ruined.

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    Sleepy head, nothing is gonna change our minds about Osama. Even if he wins, he will not ever have our respect.. He is a joke.. Yeah that is your guy.. Enjoy him.. Hi is all yours, eat him up with cookies and milk...

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    Republicans shrink from anything....I do not think so! Unfortunately we shall have to sit idly by while BO destroys this country!

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    The S's perhaps?

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    It's called D&D&D&D


    Have a nice day republicans!

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