Third Person Shooter and Role playing Games?

What all the possible TPS and RPG games compatible with the 2.0ghz dual core Processor and 1GB DDR2 RAM without using any Graphics cards.? And, what are the low cost Geforce series Graphics cards that can be used with my configuration to make games to work effectively?

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    For Rs2000/- you can get nVIDIA 8400GS 256MB these days.

    nVIDIA 9600GT 512MB for Rs4200/-

    I've 1 year old 8400GS and i'm able to play every game on medium settings except crysis that runs on low settings.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mass Effect

  • hertha
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    3 years ago

    Gears of conflict 2- on line is recommendations-blowing exciting, and the campaign mode excels above many distinctive shooters. regardless of the indisputable certainty that your gonna %. to verify up on the 1st ones plot because of certainty the story is a substantial element of the sport, and is extremely good. call of duty 4 OR call of duty: worldwide at conflict- recommendations-blowing on line play for any shooter video games, and additionally appealing single participant action. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- An open worldwide rpg, arguably the recommendations-blowing interest that has come out for the 360, certainly between the main lasting video games i've got have been given ever carried out. Halo 3- people who hate in this interest in basic terms be quiet, this may be a needed 360 interest. in certainty some human beings have been given the 360 in basic terms for this interest. With 1000's of 1000's of individuals inspite of the certainty that on line an afternoon, this interest maintains to be a needed interest. Then idk i assume you will possibly be able to prefer to get Rock Band 2 or the nice and comfortable Guitar Hero. additionally some new video games that have been given right here out that are exciting yet now no longer needed are... Fallout 3- some might desire to argue that it fairly is substantial because of certainty it is extremely Oblivion with weapons, and it has 1000's of hours of open-worldwide gameplay. Left 4 ineffective- an stunning coop zombie interest, and its made by ability of way of Valve, between the only agencies I inspite of the certainty that have self assurance. delusion 2- additionally an rpg, regardless of the certainty that it somewhat interior reason exciting, and places meaning on all your techniques, like in case you eat lots you will get fat. additionally places tension on good vs. Evil. now no longer as open worldwide as oblivion or fallout 3, yet inspite of the certainty that has an excellent quantity of taking section in time

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My comp is the same as yours. I'd recommend Sparkle 8800GT as it is the best graphics card on the market (Rs. 12000). As for games, GTA San Andreas and Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix will work on your comp but for Shooters you need a higher Graphics card

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    1 decade ago

    gunz its amazing with online play and third person shooting

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