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請幫我翻譯成英文劇本 拜託拜託 急急急



後母不准灰姑娘去舞會,要她呆在家(這時長靴貓已經擺脫掉使者,在院子裡玩)。沒想到仙女出現了(長靴貓愣住了:哇靠,我虎爛的耶!)。之後就照著灰姑娘原版的劇情,仙女幫灰姑娘變出一身行頭,並要長靴貓保護他充當處罰(憑你也敢報老娘的名字,不要命啦!)。一路來到城堡。舞會中,由於仙女老大的威脅,長靴貓千方百計要撮合王子和灰姑娘,好不容易成功,卻已經十二點了。長靴貓又推又拉的灰姑娘弄上馬車,自己的一隻長靴卻掉在外面= =......王子撿到長靴,下令搜尋全國,尋找只穿一隻長靴的貓。最後終於找到灰姑娘的家,和灰姑娘過著幸福快樂的生活。而長靴貓始終被灰姑娘抱著,沒機會逃跑,最後住在城堡裡,變成一隻大肥貓。其實後母是可以隨意變形的妖怪


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    I started my father passed away, the stepmother of the large rooms and fine furniture to the two sisters, and then read a Cinderella said: "The points you put loft, picked up a copy of a cat in the yard."

    Cinderella crying in the attic, the cat suddenly a speech: "Do not worry, Miss, give me a pair of boots, I will be your good luck." Cinderella in the attic to find a pair of old boots to the cat, then went out feline A. Boots the cat went outside, breathed a sigh of relief, "finally came out, the good of mankind ^ ^ cheat." Huang Dao boots cat in the forest, when hunting for the people, is the original prince. Boots the cat would have been avoided, did not think Prince Shepian an arrow, boots and a cat passing into the trunk, boots Xiahun cats, as was Prince Castle retrieve prey. "I open my open!" Cat boots to the castle, wake up, Wawadajiao, Prince attracted attention. "Wow, will address the cat Ye, when I had a good pet." Boots Xiachu cat in a cold sweat, a joke, when your pet? I would rather miss that when the child's cry pets, and more freedom outside. Cat boots quickly turned down, and then start Black Tiger. "Ah, in fact, I was fairies sent by a messenger, he sent a message to me and said you got married." Prince listened to the hi-hing Ruokuang immediately organized a dance, and to the Department of invitations issued to the public, staff should be Not even the boots have been arrested fat cats, cats share the results of boots is the Cinderella of the region live. Cat boots and another envoy (invitations are issued in pairs) came to the home of Cinderella, Cinderella is very happy with cats straight thank boots, boots line the three cats ......

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