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I have two deposits on my account, I have no idea what they are, only labled as, DCD DCD ACH DEP, whats that?

I have had two deposits in the last couple months. I don't do any overseas transactions or dealings. I haven't even been overseas in 2 years. I'm clueless what this means.


well the reason i mention being overseas is i know dcd is duel currency deposit

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    ACH stands for Associated Clearing House. Its used in transfers. Think of it as the highway your money takes to get from your checking account to your online brokerage account if you have one. With ACH Transfers your money moves from one place to the other in a matter of 2 business days.

    As for the others... you've stumped me

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    Looks like a "direct deposit"... an automatic transfer from one account into your account.

    I wouldn't touch the money until the bank can explain to you who is depositing money into your account. Banks do make mistakes...

    and it can happen that they accidently put somebody elses money into the wrong account... in this case your account might be the wrong account. Anyway... when they find out about it they usually take the money out of the "wrong" account and put it back where it belongs...

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    "ACH DEP" means an electronic deposit. Don't know what DCD is.

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