Fragrance will not last more than one hour, is this normal?

Hi, I have tried Armani, DG, Versace and others and everything will not last one hour. I spray it on my wrist.

Another thing is some very good selling fragrance like Armani Di Gio something and DG the one, smells sour on my skin. Di Gio is sour instantly and the one will grow sour after 40 minutes or so. What kind of skin I have? Do you have this kind of skin?


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    One reason the smell "doesn't last" can be because you're getting used to smelling it. You can douse yourself in purfume/cologne and after a few minutes you may not be able to smell it anymore, but everyone around you will be able to smell it as you walk by.

    And fragrances react differently to everyone's body chemistry. The perfume I wear won't smell quite the same as it does on someone else because it reacts differently to my skin. As far as it souring, maybe it just smells that way to you, have you tried asking a friend if it smell the same for them? Could be just your nose playing tricks on you, much like making you think the smell is gone.

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    Actually, the fragrance does last longer than an hour. It's just that after an hour the wearer can no longer smell it because we get used to it. Other people will be able to smell it still.

    Secondly, fragrance smells different on everybody, it all depends on your skin's PH. just keep experimenting, and ask your friends their opinions. Eventually you will find one that is right for you.

    PS don't make the mistake of spraying a ton on just so you can keep smelling it. The general rule for Eau De Parfum is no more than 3 sprays- on your pulse points (wrist, neck, decolletage) And some are so strong you want just one spritz, above your head, that you walk through. Try a shop like perfumania, where a representative can make suggestions and tell you how each should be applied.

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    Every fragrance smells differently on other people. What smells good on one person may not smell good on the next. Also when you wear perfume/cologne/ body mist, you become used to the smell. So just because you can not smell it, doesn't mean no one else can. Have you asked other people if they can smell it when you can't? You can spray a few times in to the air and walk through the mist. It will get the scent on your clothing and fabric holds scents better than skin does.

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    you are just getting used to smelling it and so you can't tell you are wearing it. don't keep adding more in the hopes of smelling it again because you will just stink. one way of making sure it lasts longer is when you spray it on your wrists just gently touch them together and this ensures the perfume is not getting too hot too fast and losing its scent. i have a similar problem to yours with fruity fragrances... i can't wear them because they smell like rancid milk after a little while so i have learnt what type will not react to my skin type and stick with that. you are not abnormal, loads of people have issues with that.

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    Are you using your own senses? Don't trust them. You can't smell your own perfume after a little while. This is why some people end up just reeking of too much cologne or perfume, because they keep adding it when they can't smell it anymore.

    WE can still smell it. Put it on and forget about it!

    (better yet, don't put any on. it's stupid).

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    maybe it does last and other people can smell it but after a while you have gotten used to the smell and therefore don't notice it anymore =]

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