Ignore question below unless you have an interest in Big 12 North teams fate. KU and MU?

Kansas is a good team but they will lose several games to better teams. What will be the outcome of Mizzou against Kansas. Which bowl for a 4 loss Kansas team? Mizzou was a preseason BCS Title contender. Now they have a chance to win 10-12 games and knock off the #1 team in the nation in the Big 12 championship. Count on a better game in KC the second time Mizzou meets the Lonhorns. If the Tigers win out and beat Texas, do they get a BCS bid with 2 losses over possible 1 loss teams Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech? Again if they win out how do you rank them(I gotta know, I am a Tiger fanatic of epic proportions) and who should they play in a bowl and which bowl should they play in. Same question if they end up 10-3 with a second loss to Texas? I would love to see them play LSU, USC, Ohio State, #3 SEC team, or Oklahoma who they didn't play this year. Also Danils and Reesing are both quality QB's that are short. Do they have a future in the NFL, or Arena football, or the Canadian League.

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    I think because it is a good rivalry that this game should be pretty good. I think the beating Kansas took by Tx Tech was a fluke and they were just not prepared. I think they proved this by running with a very good OK team. I predict a score very similar to this when they play Mizzou, with Mizzou coming out on top. I have watched a lot of college football this year and feel that I can honestly evaluate the Big 12 without bias, even though I am a diehard Mizzou fan. If you take a look at some of the common games played in the Big 12 by the "Big Dawg" teams you can see that honestly predicting an outcome is very difficult. For instance, Mizzou lost to Texas but beat Colorado by 58, yet Texas beat Colorado by 24. If I were to evaluate the Big 12 today this is how I would rank them and the bowls that they would go to.

    1. Texas vs. Alabama/Penn State-BCS Championship

    2. Oklahoma vs. Georgia/Florida-Fiesta Bowl

    3. Oklahoma St vs. Georgia/Florida-Cotton Bowl

    4. Mizzou vs. Oregon-Holiday Bowl

    5. Texas Tech vs. Minnesota-Alamo Bowl

    6. Kansas vs. Iowa-Insight Bowl

    7. Nebraska vs. Kentucky-Independance Bowl

    8. Kansas State vs. Louisville-Texas Bowl

    9. Colorado

    10. Texas A&M

    11. Baylor

    12. Iowa State

    On a final note, this is the Elite conference in the country, at least for this year, and teams will pay the price of not having a playoff system and being stuck playing in a mediocre bowl. Let me know what you think. These are just estimates of how I think each team will project out. I would love to see Mizzou play at the calibre they are capable of playing and do it against a legitimate opponent. They did it last year when they knocked off Kansas.

    I don't think Reesing would do real well at the professional level but I have been surprised before. I thought Jamarcus Russell would do very well and he has struggled. I don't think that Chase is an NFL quarterback. Albeit he is phenomenal at the college level I just don't see him excelling at the pro level although I wish him all the best luck and hope he proves a simple fan like me wrong.

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    Multiple questions, here goes:

    Mizzou will roll Kansas. I don't predict scores, but I expect Mizzou to win fairly easily.

    No bowl for a 4-loss Kansas team. At least, no bowl worth mentioning.

    Mizzou did lose to Oklahoma, so I'm not sure that will play well with the voters. Unless Missouri absolutely destroys Texas with a 55-3 score or something (and Colt McCoy isn't injured or something for an excuse) I'm pretty sure the voters would keep Oklahoma ahead of Mizzou. Although, I think Texas Tech has a better chance than all of them to beat out Texas and win the division, assuming they beat Texas.

    Any rankings of the Big 12 teams is still dependent upon who beats Texas, and who Texas beats. I'm taking a guess and saying that Texas Tech comes out on top, but that's just my own opinon. Smart money's probably still on the Longhorns.

    As for what bowls they should play in, if any team comes out of the Big 12 undefeated this year, they should be in the National Championship bowl; as for the other bowls, there's too many to make a real prediction. At least, there's too many for me to allow myself to make a real prediction.

    I think Chase Daniels has a future in the NFL, and I don't think Reesing does. Reesing's experience with Kansas' diverse offense could help him if he wants to go Arena or Canadian football, but I don't see the NFL in the cards for him.

    Hope that helped.

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