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Will 'Bailout' Mitch McConnell win re-election to the Senate from Kentucky?

I heard that people in Kentucky are huge fans of the financial bailout, and as a result, Bailout Mitch will be re-elected. Is that true? Why are Kentucky folk so fond of that huge socialist bailout?

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    No, most of us are not fond of the bailout. While the majority of Kentucky's voters are registered Dem. Kentucky tends to side with a conservative candidate.

    Democrats - 1,662,093

    Republicans - 1,053,871

    Others - 190,845

    My prediction...McCain will win in Kentucky. But Bruce Lunsford (D) will beat incumbent Mitch McConnel (R) for the US Senate seat.

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    I think He'll "squeak" his way back into Office... -But I don't think He's gonna have many of his "old GOP friends" left- if He DOES... -Looks like a "Tsunami" is headed for the Republican Party on Tuesday... And many of His Pals are going to be "swept away..." :0

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