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pharmacy schools ,SAT and GPA?

i have a 3.6 GPA and i have a 1600/2400 on my SAT what are my chances of getting into these pharmacy schools

st. johns


suny buffalo

albany college of pharmacy

mass. school of pharmacy


please answer even if it is only about one of these schools

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    You should be able to get into ACP (well, now it is "ACPHS") and you've got a good shot at UB too. Those are the only two on your list which I applied to- I got into both and ended up at ACP although I am toying with transferring to UB. My advice to you is to apply to all of them and go from there. Good luck!

  • matt
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    For reliable info about all US colleges of pharmacy, check the website of the AACP - that is the official organization that coordinates info about all accredited US colleges of pharm.

    In general, your PCAT will be more important that your SAT, and your grades in chem, organic chem and bio will be more important than your overall GPA.

    Check with your college's pre-health science counselor for more information about how application to pharmd programs works.

    THis is a great career, Good luck!

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