Did McCain really finish 894 out of 899 cadets at the Naval Academy?


Just think, only 5 of almost 900 cadets finished below McCain.

891 cadets finished higher than McCain.

McCain is clearly a moron and an imbecile who matches Bush in his stupidity. No wonder McCain was shot down while targeting Vietnamese to kill.

He has proven he is no leader or hero - but lucky to be alive.

Update 2:

Wow - McCain killed 100 USA soldiers? Maybe he is a hero.

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    Yeah, and he crashed 5 jets before being taken prisoner. On one occasion, he mistakenly launched a missile when he was on his aircraft carrier, destroying the front of the carrier, his aircraft, and killing over 100 men. He managed to escape, of course.

    Source(s): McCain - a poor student, a bad pilot, a bad choice for president.
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    Yes he did.

    That's not really a secret, nor is it a secret that he only got into the Naval Academy and later into flight school because of his family, not on merit. McCain himself as much as admits he was a bit of a screwup and party animal as a young man.

    And no, he did not crash 5 jets as an aviator. He lost one aircraft during basic flight instruction - not unheard of for a studen pilot. Another was lost when it struck power lines during low-level flight training which is always extremely hazardous. A thrid suffered engine failure - not exactly McCain's fault. The 4th was hit by a rocket accidently fired by another aircraft while sitting on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal. How anyone can blame that on McCain I don't know - but they do anyway. The 5th was of course the flight where he was shot down over hostile territory. Things like that happen in war. The U.S. lost several thousand aircraft and helicopters in Vietnam. People who knew McCain then seem to agree he was a good pilot but not a great one and that he didn't especially love flying the way many pilots do.

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    Just think he went to the Naval Academy ...and he did finish he didn't drop out!!! Where did you go to school? How high did you finish in your class?

    And he did go do his duty for his country and managed to survive 5 years of torture as well as take the heat for a lot of his fellow prisoners.

    Oh wait i guess you would rather he be a "community organizer"? I guess that shows leadership skills.

    Don't be a Sheeple!

  • 1 decade ago

    If your were smart enough to get into the Acadamies you would not be repeating Moveon.org points...

    There is an old saying "Deeds not words".....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Think you could finish that high?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Someone has to finish there...

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