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where can i download roller coaster tycoon 3 full version?

i want to download the FULL VERSION of rollercoaster tycoon NOT the demo it needs to be free and legal and you don't have to login into anything.1st correct answer gets best answer.


and risk-free

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    Free and legal? Those two words don't go together. Sorry but I think you'll have to buy it.

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    Sorry, no.

    You cannot have a free, legal, and full download of commercial pay software.

    You have to pay for a download, download the free demo, or download an illegal pirated version, or go out and but the boxed game form a store.

  • 4 years ago

    they are quite cheap now and illegal downloads are always risky unless you know how to protect your torrent downloads but u can download bittorrent and look up videos on youtube concerning how to use bittorrent and where to get torrents like RCT3 and so on

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