Which movie creature/monster freaked you out as a kid?

For me it was The Blob. I had many nightmares after watching that movie. There was also a Japanese Movie that i saw that was called War Of the Gargantua's. It was based on two Monsters One Green One Brown. Both where brothers. The green one was pure evil & ate people while the Brown one was a good hearted monster. I also had nightmares after seeing the green one eat people. Eventually the Brown one got tired of his green brothers evil ways & decided to give him a butt kicking .

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    I was scared by that tequila worm-monster someone else said in Poltergiest II as well...

    Also didn't like that big spider-like alien that came out of the UFO in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (but great movie)

    I was terrified of E.T. when I was 2 or 3 years old

    There's this movie called Communion with Christopher Walken in it and I hated the big alien face (with the big eyes) that peered around the corner at him....

    OH! I was afraid of that gremlin thing that was on the airplane wing in the Twilight Zone movie!

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    There were a few, the zombies off of Night of the Living Dead, and Pascal and Zelda from Pet Semetary. Also, this isn't a movie, but I watched an episode of X Files once when I was like 4 and it was about these inbred people who were killing people, scarred me for life! I still remembered it and would talk about it and how freaky it was and no one knew what I was talking about until I caught a rerun of it on sci-fi channel earlier this year! Finally my mom stopped looking at me like I was crazy when I would talk about it!

    Also, my older brother is scared of clowns to this day because of Stephen King's It lol

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    1 decade ago

    Pumpkin Head

    Possessed Girl from The Exorcist

    Werewolf from "Silver Bullet"

    Dracula, played by anyone especially Christopher Lee.

  • None really, but the little boy that becomes a vampire in Salem's Lot and floats up to the other little boy's window scratching on the glass late at night gave me nightmares for years!

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  • Chucky

    Freddy Kruger


    Michael Meyers

  • Freddy Krueger. This is bad, my babysitter rented "Nightmare on Elm Street" and let me watch. I was terrified, spooked, never wanted to sleep. I had nightmares and woke up crying. I still have nightmares over that, a lot of them. I've seen tons of spooky movies since, but that Freddy...he got me.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Creature From The Black Lagoon

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The pool monster from Are You Afraid of the Dark.

  • 1 decade ago

    For me it was Freddie croger and the lephechan why. when i was a kid i had a double dream about those two (a dream when your in a dream and are about to die and you wake up thinking your in real life but it just another dream. first i was in a limo and the lephecan was chasing me in a little go cart and he drove under the limo and punch from under the ground and was about to kill me then i wake up in my house and i see my mom on her bead and she cant move and freddie crouger is sticking some kind of needle into her chest and kills her then he chase me around my kitchen table. then i really wake up.

  • Probably that worm thing the guy in Poltregeist 2 throws up after he eats the worm in the alcohol.

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