What is a good way to inspire my students to succeed with our latest fundraiser?

I'm an assistant principal and last year I challenged our students to raise $75,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund, a childhood cancer charity. As an incentive, I told them I would get a tattoo if they met the goal. They did, and now I sport some ink. For this year, I'm stumped. Head-shaving and ear piercing have been done to death around here. My idea of sleeping on the roof was vetoed by my boss. Can you folks offer me legal, legitimate ideas for this year?


These ideas are great, but not exactly on the mark. I need a physical challenge. I need something I can do/perform as an incentive. Another assistant principal is wearing our mascot costume for an entire school day. Our principal is going to play dodge ball against students. I need something like that.

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    How about a New Years Dance in the gym? That way you could charge them $2 per person to fund the punch and balloons. Barrow a stereo, download the music to discs and get 3 or 4 television from the classrooms to watch the ball drop.


  • Cyd
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    Sleeping on the roof was vetoed but how about being up there during the day. Ask for the help of your local fire dept. if your building is high and then contact local radio and tv stations to get some media coverage and see how many donations you can get.Make it kind of a let's see how much YOU can get mini-rivalry. Part of that money goes to a prize such as a bike gift card etc. My other idea is ask around at your local jewelers and see if they would be willing to donate a diamond. The top four each get a diamond. If the diamonds are different sizes hand them out according to $ raised. I've had great support from our local jewelers donating things for fundraisers.

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    I will keep my thinking cap on as far as ways to inspire the students.

    I do however have a fundraising suggestion that will help you attain your goal quicker.

    What about a Coffee fundraiser?

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    The highest dollar value(s) get to cover you in paint and roll you on a large piece of paper and get the paper put up in a prominent spot in the school with a description of how the painting was made? It sounds like you're willing to go through some discomfort for the benefit, so I know THIS would encourage the kids tremendously.

    BTW I am also an educator, so this is not meant in any way to be disrespectful...kids will be kids.

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    How about anyone who raises more than $X has their name in a drawing for something THEY'D like. A bicycle, for eg. You could have a progressive scale of prizes for each level of profit, similar to those magazine sales programs.

    As a former educator myself, I HOPE you're not doing those overpriced, overvalued catalog things. We used to specialize in fund raisers that maximized our profits: selling dedications on each yard of the football field, spaghetti or pancake meals, bake sales, car washes, tag days, etc. AND we used the money for enrichment for the kids: eighth graders went on a 3-day trip to Washington DC., seventh graders went on an overnight camping trip, sixth graders went to a large-city museum, etc.

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