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Deaths, wars and destruction, show atleast a single one caused by Satan in OT? Aren't they performed by GOd?

Why Satan is blamed always, not even a single death caused by him. Except to Eve, Job and Jesus he almost silent in the Bible. I found all killings not by Satan. I trust he has been bad named to boost the other.


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Geetha: But deaths are not caused due to satan. is it not? Read Bible and talk

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    Satan did ONLY what God APPROVED. Most Christians have never read the entire Bible and don't know what it really says. They also don't realize, thanks to lying church propaganda, that there is NO DEVIL in Judaism, or in the ORIGINAL Hebrew Scripture. Christians ADDED the devil in when they REWROTE it to make their Old Testament. It is NOT the same thing.

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    Every instance of death and destruction caused by Man in the Bible (especially in the books of Judges and Kings) are also caused by Satan, who is the instigator behind-the-scenes. It is he who tempts humans to act wickedly and do all kinds of evil.

    The only destruction caused by God in the OT is against those who are willful and disobedient, especially the Israelites, who should know better. God's actions are punishments against those who need to be obedient. Whom God loves, He chastises. God's love is not a "smothering" love, but a "correcting" love, like a good parent.

    Notice that whenever the children of Israel were obedient, they were greatly blessed and everything went very well. God even enabled them to have victory over other tribes several times larger than they were. When the Israelites strayed away from God, they were "corrected", and they would come back and repent again, then everything would go well again.

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    The Bible follows Human relations with God we simply dont know what Satan is up to most of the time maybe he was just killing the innocent in the other part of the universe. The Bible follows relations with God thats why we hear about killings made by God. Its an eternal war Between Good and Evil which will not end and they both killed the same number of their enemies its just simple politics. Also read closelly the Bible youll see that writers are often missinterpreting God he didnt punished

    Azzazel and co for the fact they came to earth and took earth womans as their wifes but becuse he was rebbeling humanity against God and creating pain and suffering on earth and for that he was punished becuse God moved in only when the earth was crying help us so in other words if Azzazel and co would marry earthlings but remained faithfull in God without any rebbelion plans etc they would not have been punished ! Also Angels could marry with Earth woman becuse God had a son with Mary if it would be Ilegal why would God break hi own rules !!!!!!!!!! (I think the paradox of the Bible is the one of many things that proves the things written in the Bible could happen )

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    All of them.... YHWH caused the literal death through his servants, of all those who were in a spiritual death cause by Satan. So, YHWH and Satan caused their deaths. Many from the flood, were preached to by the authority of Jesus, after death, in proson, so that the spirits in prison might repent. There is still chance for some to repent after death. 1 Peter 3:18b.. he (Jesus) being put to death in the flesh, but being made alive in the spirit. 19) In this state also he (Jesus) went his way and preached to the spirits in prison, 20) who had once been disobedient when the patience of God was waiting in Noah's days, while the ark was being constructed, in which a few people, that is, eight soul, were carried safely through the water. Welcome Jesus earth's new King! Thank you Yahweh!!

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    Nothing happens with out the will of God .The sinner and the sinned are He only. The killer and the killed are He only.It needs a higher level of intelligence to understand this .Not all religions know this great truth.

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    Are you kidding? Have you read the account of Job? Satan was licking his lips to destroy Job but complained to God that He (God) was protecting Job from Satan's tyranny.

    Cyberme, is correct in saying that Satan fuels the larceny that exist in man to incite us to do evil things. God uses death and war much like a fireman uses fire to fight a large forrest fire. the fireman's fire is strategically set to create a divide so that the on coming fire has nothing to continue it's destruction with. Jesus said that Satan only comes to steal, kill and destroy. God offers love and life in abundance.

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    If a doctor operates on a 100 patients with cancer, would it be reasonable to say that doctors cause 100% of patient suffering? Or wouldn't it rather be that the real CAUSE of patient suffering would be the illness that the doctor was trying to remedy.

    The real cause of the wars and destruction in the bible would be the wicked actions of the individuals under satanic influence, if god took measures to cut out or 'remedy' the badness to stop its spread, then he would be the doctor.

    Mankinds wicked acts would be the 'cancer'.

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    It depends on how you look at it, besides death is not an end, but a beginning to another life.

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    Killings are done by people. Except accidents, and natural disasters that cannot be put down to some human error or negligence.

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    God gets abuse and then He gives out "LiMiTbReAk"s from time to time. Like now. He's getting a lot of defamation from idiots like you who like to blame Him but you would not think that His ire was incurred.

    How does it feel being abused?

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