What is the main theme song in "MotoGP 06"?

This question has actually been asked on alot of other forums when I typed it in Google seach, so I am just going to copy what someone else wrote!

"""I've been searching myself for the entire soundtrack to MotoGP via the songs listed in the credits on the Internet

, and have found over half of them but have hit a glass ceiling. Taking an educated guess, I'd say the menu theme and the one featured on the credits are both by Thrumm, but that notion's based purely on the fact that I found a single damn thing about them anywhere. Here's a list of songs it could be (Ones I've failed to find):

Chad Jackson - Scum Dogs

Teruishi Nagatomi - Confusion

Nathan Cross - 10 Dollar

Andy Brookes - Sucker Punch

Richard Alter - Feel

James Dexter (a.k.a. DJ Dex) - Move With It

Mark Crew - Pump

??? - New Formula (Forgotten the artist, sorry)

Thrumm - Grind Control

Thrumm - Humanic

One of the songs I'm looking for is amongst them. It's got a banging saw-cut bassline, driving beat and has a female vocal in the last half. There is a deep male vocal that speaks but I can't make out what he says except for at the end of the song, when he says "on and on and on..." followed by two bleeps. If anyone can give me the title, or even figure out what he's saying it would be a big help.""""


Also how do i post a comment like you did....i cant figure it out..i have been searching for 30 mins straight, its getting me sooo mad. instead i have to edit the original post to even say something back to you.

Update 2:

well even if you do find the name of the song, god knows you wont be able to download it anywhere, so i plan on recording it with my computer sound recorder, you wouldnt believe how well this actually works, done it many of times off movie sound tracks, bass is there and everything, but gimme your e-mails and i will send it to you when i get around to doing this!

Update 3:

also if anyone gets around to doing this first, lemme know..i want it. and if you used the stock computer sound recorder lemme know, ill tell you how to use since it only records about 60 sec each time and ill put back together the pieces for you.

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    heres the 24 track titles if you havent got them

    I have the track you are thinking about somewere. i will try and dig it out for you

    The Red Devil Incident - "Rotten"

    Mark Crew - "Pump"

    Nathan Cross - "10 Dollar"

    James Dexter - "Move With It"

    The Oracle Boy - "Jigsaw"

    Jason Alner - "The Dust Off"

    Subsource - "Do You Drive Stick?"

    Subsource - "Styling"

    Karn8 - "Past Caring"

    Prince Quick Mix - "My Parts Fall Out 'Deephead Dub'"

    Tony Thomas - "Spider 'Kickflip Remix'"

    Andy Brookes - "Sucker Punch"

    Jack Makins - "New Formula"

    Teruishi Nagatomi - "Confusion"

    Thrumm - "Grind Control"

    Thrumm - "Humanic"

    Life As Is - "The 2"

    IPanema - "Je Suis Un Baseball Bat"

    Chad Jackson - "Scum Dogs"

    Midnight Juggernauts - "Raised by Wolves"

    Titus Gein - "Insurrection of the Electric Ghosts"

    Titus Gein - "Raw Teeth"

    Richard Alter - "Feel"

    Alex Drury, Chris Gaines - "Catch 2"

    yeah i see wot u mean. i can only add another comment by editing this one, weird

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    The detail in the speech marks is actually a reply I made to to the main question a while back on the official MotoGP game forums. I found it somewhat annoying, and still do, that they included the names of the tracks but didn't pair them up with their relevant songs.

    I've personally just about given up searching. The only way I can think of answering this is to somehow access the files on a computer and reading them there. I've no idea how to, though, and it's probably not even legal.

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    Moto Gp 06

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