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When did Helen Keller learn the first word?

When did Helen Keller learn the first word?


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    The Life of Helen Keller

    The dark comes--Helen was a bright and lively infant, but at the age of 19 months she had a fever which left her blind and deaf. There has never been a precise diagnosis for the type and cause of the fever. Helen had a distant memory of what light was like from her time before the fever came. Also, she had begun to make sounds before the fever and had remembered the word "wah-wah" for water. This was a foreshadowing, for water was to be the key to her world of language.

    由以上資料可見, Helen Keller 雖然在19月大時曾經大病一場, 但仍然記得"wah-wah" (water) 這個字.


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