Discharge and...Sound familiar?

i had my period (around the 11th of the month i started) Everything was completely normal. Now, a couple weeks later, i seem to have a lot of discharge..which i usually do anyways, but i cant' figure out what it is. Its kind of a milky white-clearish, no odor to it whatsoever, not clumpy. Earlier this week for like 1 or 2 days i had the littlest burn after i peed, but its gone now. And my pee was kind of cloudy (due to the discharge). I have one little bump on my vulva, almost towards the inside of my leg rather than towards my va jay jay. I'm pretty sure its a razor burn thing cuz it was sore when i first noticed it, and it was a bit swollen, especially after messing with it, but now it doesn't hurt, not and open sore, no discoloration, just raised still. i'm just all worried, and i want to get some input before i call the doctor... i just had a pap almost 2 months ago and was fine, she just noticed i had a lot of discharge then too. If anyone has had something similar please let me know!

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    1 decade ago
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    might be the beginning of a polinidal sinus, skin forms a protective barrier around hair or debris, which soon turns into a sort of hole where it has happened which will fill with other hair and dirt, become infected and bleed, and need to be surgically cut out.

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    You should get it checked just in case because burning when you pee can mean an infection.. Ovulating can cause you to have a clear discharge as well.. but still get it checked to be safe

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    Dear it happens when u caught of with some kinda infection there.

    Lots of white discharge suggests sure some sort of infection.

    I suggest you to immediate consult your gynaeo and go for medication

    because infection can occur due to absence of proper cleaning, not using the instruments after boiling or infected one .

    or any infection took form and due to absence of awareness you are constantly ignoring it.

    Source(s): being a doctor suggesting you best possible action
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