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Will I go to juvenile detention?

Six months ago, I was accused of stealing something and putting it back two hours later. Honestly, I didn't do it. The only evidence they have against me is that I was in the same room as the object. That's it. Also, I was only in there for less than a minute. The incident took place at my school, and I went into the room to get my bag and left immediatly. The school district and law system has made my life hell, not to mention I had to switch schools because I couldn't take any more harassment from other students who kept accusing me, and I want this to be over. I just want it over. However, the prosecutor wants to take me out of school for three to five days and put me in juvie in addition to probation. If the judge thinks I did it, is it more likely that I'll just get probation or both juvie and probation? I am really desperate for any educated opinions anybody has to offer.

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    Depends on what was taken. If there is a lot of this going around in your old school they will probably try to make an example out of you. get a lawyer and fight if you don't want it on your record, and if they drop the charges sue the **** out of the school for harassment

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    It all depends how much it was worth. If it is considered Grand Theft you might get juvie. Honestly if your white you will not go to jail they will just try to scare the hell out of you so you dont do it again.

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    I doubt it. However, if you have a criminal history, you can bet you'll spend a day or two in juvie. They don't have sufficient proof, but a criminal record will likely mess you up.

  • they dont really have enough proof to send u to juvie.

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