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Why do Alaskans approve and support Socialism?

why do Alaskans believe in the REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH?

and expect the government to handle and control the redistribution of wealth?

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    I have to assume that you are referring to Palin giving the people of Alaska the money from the funds she collected from the oil companies. That was not a redistribution of wealth. Those monies were not in the form of a tax to the oil companies. It was a usage fee for their taking Alaskan resources...and she felt that people of Alaska had a right to some of it. She is correct.

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    This is for Crass Customer and the one that started this question. most people don't believe in the redistribution of wealth but there are some that think that it is right for the government to come along and steal someone else money and give it to whomever the government thinks it should. even though most of the people worked hard to earn the money they think that the Government needs to steal it from them. the Government is to redistribute it to those that don't want to work for it in the forms of health care, food stamps, or any other type of social programs. One of those people that believes in stealing other peoples money is Obama. Yet he has millions of dollars in a bunch of tax free bonds and other things that they don't tax. John Kerry has billions in off shore accounts that are tax exempt. Ted Kennedy has millions and get millions because of his dad.(Whom was a bootlegger during Prohibition era. none of those earned their money but they sure don't want you to earn your. They will raise taxes on you and the rest of us and claim that it is either for health care or for the children. yet either one will not see the biggest share of it.

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    sounds like progress to me. a free market system will always create inequality. what is wrong with spreading the wealth when it is spread unequally in the first place?

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    Most of them don't. But then most of them don't live in the city.

    I'm pretty sure what's wrong with city people involves the water they drink.

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    for's in their constitution you ill informed idiot

    to give revenue from their OWN RESOURCES.....back to them

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