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Please help remember the movie title?

I think it was from 1998-2001.

It was about a male dancer (I think tap dancer). I remember him falling in love with a young woman who he gave private lessons (not sure about lessons), it was during WWII. Don't remember exactly how but he got captured and was in Siberia labour camp. He came back after a lot of years to find the woman he loved and he knocked on the door and a young woman (played by the same actress who played his love) opened the door and he found out it was his daughter. They also show how his love was killed (she was working in a store and was stabbed by some guy).

Don't remember much but I hope somebody knows the title.



There was also a powerful scene when he barricaded himself in a room and was dancing.

Update 2:

No, not White Nights. The movie is from around 1998-2001.

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    Try IMDB.com. May be u could find something about this. Sorry and good luck.

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    I don't know if this is the one you want but here it is.

    Tap (1989) More at IMDb Pro »


    Max Washington has just been released from prison after serving time for burglary. He returns to his old hangout, a hoofer club. (Tap dancer club). His old girl friend, Amy, who still works at the club as a Tap instructor, is less than thrilled to see him. Her father, Little Mo, is happy to see him, because he has plans for a show involving Max. In addition, Max's old partners in crime have another job they want him to do.

    Gregory Hines ... Max Washington

    Sammy Davis Jr. ... Little Mo

    Suzzanne Douglas ... Amy Simms

    Savion Glover ... Louis Simms

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    I believe the movie you are looking for is called "White Nights" I'll do some more digging. ...D'oh...I'm curious now that it's not WN.

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    Sorry can't help ya! The daughter part got me.

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    Full mOnty?

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