NC real estate law question?

I will try to make this as short as I can and to the point.

Husband builds home, he knows that he will die b4 wife and she will not be able to pay bills and such on his social security. so they sell their home to a wealthy friend who is to pay the wife $500.00 a month until the home is paid off.

They husband ailing in health signs over the deed even though the home is not paid off. He pays $5,000 over the course of a few months, then there is a mess, the wealthy friend decides to start charging the widow $500 a month in rent, she refuses, and gets a lawyer. The wealthy friend decides to basically sell the deed to the widows grandson for the $5,000 he has in the property, as long as the widow retains lifetime rights to the home her husband built for her. The grandson pays the $5,000 with borrowed money from his aunt, gets the property deeded to his name, goes to an attorney and has his parents add on as having life time rights to the home as those parents put nothing into the home at all. No one has yet to pay the $180,000 that the home is worth to the widow. She is on a fixed income so obtaining a lawyer is difficult for her. She was verbally abused by her daughter and son-in-law and felt she had to leave, in which she did because of the abuse. Is she or is she not still entitled to the 180,000 and who is to pay it to her....I am t hinking the grandson. I feel that her family has done her wrong and should be ashmed of themselves. She really needs help, she has lost her home that her husband built for her, and is now having to live in an apartment.

I would appreciate any advice any one has to offer.

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    Were the pledges to allow the the widow to live in the home part of a contract? If not, she has no right to be in the home.

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