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R&P: Favorite Stanley Kubrick film (plus an MQ)?

In my opinion (and the opinions of many others lol), the late Stanley Kubrick was one of the greatest directors to ever live. I'm curious, are any of my fellow R&P-ers Kubrick fans? Which of his films are your favorites?

My favorites:

1. Barry Lyndon

2. The Shining

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey

4. A Clockwork Orange

5. Full Metal Jacket

6. Eyes Wide Shut-TIE-Lolita


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    Great question, he's one of my favorite directors. My favorite film of his is Dr. Strangelove. A Clockwork Orange would probably be my second favorite.

    MQ: San Tropez

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    For Me

    1 2001: A Space Oddysey

    2 Full Metal Jacket

    3 The Shining

    4 Paths Of Glory

    5 A Clockwork Orange

    MA: Fearless

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    1. Dr. Strangelove

    2. 2001

    3. Spartacus

    4. The Shining

    5. A Clockwork Orange/Full Metal Jacket

    6. Lolita

    7. Barry Lyndon

    8. Eyes Wide Shut

    Those are all the Kubrick films I've seen so far. 2001 and Spartacus (I'm kind of surprised no one above me said Spartacus - great film) are almost a tie. Both are amazing films. The Shining is a tremendous horror film. A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket - while also great films, take a certain nihilistic edge and mood for me to be able to sit down and enjoy them.

    Dr. Strangelove is pitch perfect, hilarious satire. I love everything about it. Peter Sellers is genius in it. George C. Scott might be my favorite thing about it though. His performance is subtle greatness against a backdrop of insanity.

    And so much of it is amazingly quotable.

    "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room. "

    and when the president has a phone conversation with the clearly drunk leader of Russia.... awesome.

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    1. A Clockwork Orange

    2. The Shining

    3. Full Metal Jacket

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    A Clockwork Orange

    The Shining

    Full Metal Jacket


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    A Clockwork Orange


    The Shining

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    A Clockwork Orange

    2001: A space Odyssey


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    I love Kubrick...I guess he's one my top-3 favorite directors...His style was unique(so adventurous and witty).

    My favorites are(with that order...)

    1.2001:Space Odyssey

    2.A Clockwork Orange

    3.Full Metal Jacket

    4.The Shining

    I never got into Eyes Wide Shut very much,and Lolita is interesting,but for some reason it has always disturbed me.These hysterical scenes with the mother shouting to the daughter and vice verca annoy me as hell.(lol)

    2001:Space Odyssey - This film hits some chords as far as existential worries and fears go,actually,heh.

    MQ: "Fearless" and "Echoes".

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    1) The Shining

    2) A Clockwork Orange

    3) Barry Lyndon

    Source(s): MA; Fearless
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    My favorite actor from any Stanley Kubrick film would be Malcolm McDowell. Picking my favorite movie is hard because Stanley Kubrick's movies are just masterpieces and a part of movie history, but if i had to pick one it would be, A clockwork orange.

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    1. Clockwork Orange

    2. Dr. Stranglelove (i cant believe you put eyes wide shut over strangelove)

    3. 2001

    4. Full Metal Jacket

    5. Barry Lyndon

    6. The Shining

    7. Eyes Wide Shut

    MA: one of these days

    i regret i have never seen Lolita

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