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Free to good home in Hampton Roads VA?

Hi! I have 2 kittens (a black and white one and a tabby colored kitten) I need to find them homes ASAP! They are 12 weeks old and have their shots and Advantage on them so they won't have fleas. If anyone can take them please email me. I have too many animals in my home. (The kittens, my dog and the mommy cat.) If you can help me out and seriously give them a good home, PLEASE contact me! Thank you!


ok well now that you guys have put that in my mind..i'm not sure if i do want to let go of these kittens. They are really cute friendly cats! They were all suppose to have homes but everyone that said they wanted one backed out at the last minute. So now I'm stuck. I went to craigslist and this it said:

Household pets of any kind including but not limited to dogs, cats, primates, cage birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish. Re-homing with small adoption fee OK.

So is that what I would have to put? Is that I need 2 kittens re-homed for $$?

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    Hi Kimberly...because everyone here on Yahoo! Answers are located all over the world you may have better success at finding a home for your cat through your local Craigslist pet section: Please be sure to ask for a small adoption fee (e.g. $25) to discourage anyone looking for a free pet that could be used as a lab research animal, dog bait training, snake food or worse unspeakable acts. Please see the following about tragedies of pets offered for free:

    Ask prospective adopters that you would like to conduct a 3 month home inspection in order to ensure your kittens has gone to a good homes.

    You can have the mother cat spayed for a low cost (sometimes free) from any of the shelters. Here's a list of shelters located nearby you:

    EDIT: I would state an "small" adoption fee for each kitten such as $25 is fair if you have them already vaccinated and flea treated. It would be more of an advantage to have the kittens spayed/neutered before finding them homes, which ensures they will not reproduce adding to the enormity of overpopulation. You could ask a little bit more for adoption fee to cover part of the spay/neuter and re-negotiate the fee when you feel you have found the most suitable home for them. Please do note that there are people who appear to be sincere when coming to look at your kittens, but their agenda may be other than what it appears. This is why home inspections are absolutely a must, but please do these inspections with a friend or if you are a youngster with a parent/legal guardian.

    Source(s): KCPT Clicker Trainer to domestic and exotic cats 28 year friendship with a veterinarian
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    aww i wish my parents would say yes i live in va but im lucky i even have one cat lol i love her <3

    but maybe you should charge a small fee for the kittens becuase there are really cruel people out there who might take advantage of your offer...sorry that was just a suggestion lol. good luck :)

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    Well, gee. Perhaps if you'd SPAYED YOUR CAT you wouldn't have "too many animals".

    Do NOT give these kittens away free unless it's ok with you that they end up being used to bait fighting dogs, get sold to a test lab or fed to large snakes. Surrender them to a local no-kill shelter so that they can spay and neuter them and find them appropriate homes.

    And get your cat spayed ASAP. These two kittens means two cats or kittens will be PUT TO DEATH at a shelter since you took homes that would have gone to them. Please don't kill anymore.

    Source(s): No kill shelters -
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    I live in norfolk. I'll talk to my husband about the kittens. I'll also see if there's anybody I know that will take them

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