My ipod Nano 4th generation hangs..WHAT SHOULD I DO?

..i got this nano yesterday as a gift. i plugged it to my computer and everything went well. i put photos, vids and songs.

..but now, when i plugged it in to my would not be recognized. it even hanged.

..i am so mad. what should i do? sister told me to let it "die" a natural death. then plug it again. then it'll work. that effective?.

thanks for your answers. =)


i tried pressing the center button. but nothing happens.


Update 2:

thank you jimmy pop 89.

it now works!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Die a natural death? Uhmm... don't think so, haha.

    If your iPod is having trouble being recognized by your computer try reseting your iPod while it's connected via USB. You can do this by holding down the Menu button and the Select button (the circle button in the middle) for about 10 seconds. The screen will go blank and the the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

    9 out of 10 times this will make the computer recognize the iPod. I use this trick all the time at work.

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