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Give me some points about my anti-abortion speech .?

Can you give me points, like these:

- it is immoral

- it is murder

- it is a sign of cowardice

- you can't solve another mistake by making another one

please I'm asking opinions from anti-abortion supporter , not pro choice!

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    I do not believe abortion but that is mostly because of my religion. I do not believe we have the right to decide who lives and who doesn't.

    I have studied child development and pregnancy for about 4 years (GCSE then A Levels this year)

    A baby is fully developed around 12-14 weeks and just need to grow and gain weight, it has a heart beat, can suck it's thumb and hiccup, they are sensitive to sound and will turn their head away from light when they get to a certain number of weeks, I believe life starts at conception. I don't believe abortion should be banned as this could put a lot of women’s lives in danger as they could try illegal abortions. I believe that the limit of abortion should go down from 24 weeks to 12 weeks (UK) some babies are living at 23 weeks and they could of been legally aborted in the UK, it is so scary. On one floor of a hospital a doctor could be trying to save a baby born at 23 weeks while on another floor be aborting a baby at 23 weeks. Doesn't that sound a bit weird to you?

    For your points-

    I believe it is immoral- religious view

    Murder, yes- religious view

    Sign of cowardice- no I don't think it is

    I believe it is a mistake having an abortion but I don't believe any pregnancy is a mistake in the long run.

    You could also talk about all the contraceptives available now from the pill, to condoms to coils ( I think that is the name) that can be implanted in a women’s are and stop pregnancy from occurring. You could mention that there are around 41 million abortions carried out world wide etc.

    I hope this helps

    I can't really think of a lot more I have been doing coursework all day! xxxx

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    As someone stated before, the Fetus has no choice, an 18 year old man (or older) who has a developed brain, who has opinions, logical reasoning, and emotions, will KNOW he might die if he SIGNS UP for war. The fetus did not sign a waiver asking if it wanted to die or not, it can't choose. And don't shove words in my mouth saying "well if it can't choose, then why do you care if it dies, its not a human" I believe that if it is GROWING and DEVELOPING at such a rapid pace as a fetus is, then it is DEFINITELY a living being. Being pro-death penalty and pro-life are not contradictory, I stand for the old saying "an eye for an eye", if someone deserves to die, then let them, but of course not, libs want them to stay in jail and rot the rest of their horrible lives. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine and be done with it!? As much as killing innocent civilians is wrong and should not happen, its a inevitable casualty of war. If everyone followed your anti-war ways, America would be run over by a group of 3rd world countries in an instant. The world doesn't tolerate pacifists, it never has, and it won't for a long time. If we were the only country who was pro-war, then I'd be anti-war too, but we're not. There are millions of people out there who wish to do harm to our country, and our people. That includes you, so why not defend yourself? All you have to do is support the men and women who are out there, fighting for you, while you sit back, kill unborn babies who have no choice., and fight for illogical same sex marriages. Good day, Sir.

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