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who do u people vote for BARAK OBAMA OR JOHN MCCAIN?

please explain why best explanation = (10) points

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    Obama, plain and simple. McCain sides with George Bush on over 90% of the issues. And just think how our ecomony has spiraled down in these past eight years. I don't think, actually I know our nation can't handle more of the same, which is what you will get with McCain. Obama does not want to increase taxes on middle class! I'm tired of everyone saying he does. HE DOESN"T. Those making $250,000 or less a year will not see a cent of raised taxes, and will actually see a tax break of $1000. Secondly, Obama does not want to take our guns away. His stand on gun control places a limit of the purchase of only one handgun a month, makes semi-automatic guns illegal except by those with special permits, and enforces local gun restrictions. How does any of this take away your guns?! People said the same thing when Clinton came to office, and look what has happened, people still have their guns. Also, I believe the American economy was most prosperous during the Clinton administration. This just goes to show that many people haven't a clue what they are talking about when it comes to politics. Watch a debate. Go to Obama's website. He is clearly the better candidate. People say he is inexperienced, but actually he isnt'. Neither candidate has experience at being president anyway! Obama served 7 years in the Illinois senate. He has an experienced VP, Joe Bidan, one of the most experienced senators ever! He will not be swayed easily by others. He will remove our troops from Iraq! This unessacary war is draining our economy of over $1 billion a week! Who cares if we win the war, we shouldnt be there anyway! I don't know about you, but I would rather be financially sound than have bragging rights over Iraq.

    Now why you shouldn't vote for McCain. He has used his POW record for political gain. He has had several heart problems leaving him susceptable to more. Palin is a "one heartbeat away" Chief Exectutive. He is old and senile. Again he agrees with Bush on over 90% of the issues!!! He is of the privledged class, he has no idea what it is like to struggle to pay bills. He has not said how he plans to staff the war in Iraq, one which said he is determined to win even if it takes 100 years! In Feburary 2008, he promised not to run a negative campaign, I think we all know that this was a lie. He created a television commercial saying Obama would raise taxes on middle class, which is simply not true. Most importantly, Senator McCain’s first important decision as a presidential candidate showed bad judgment on his part by selecting unqualified Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a “one heartbeat away” commander-in-chief.

    Still, the president cannot make whatever he believes into law by himself. It has to go through Congress. People say they won't vote for a specific candidate because if he's president he will do this. He can't! The president can only suggest bills to Congress, which then have to be signed by Congress.

    And for all those Pro-life people, which I am proudly a member, sorry if you are offended, I know Obama is not the candidate of choice in this view, but face it, Bush is Pro-life, did he do anything? No. The fact is again, the president cannot ban abortion, the supreme has to overrule or congress pass legislation. Either way, I don't think anything will happen.


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    If I could vote I would vote for Barack Obama because his tax cuts are 3x bigger than mccains and he is all for CHANGE. And John McCain voted 90% with Bush. He even said it in person. We dont need to go the route we went for he last 8 years. That's done and over with. We need Democrats in the White House to see how we will do.

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    I'm not voting FOR McCain as much as I'm voting AGAINST Obama.

    The idea of electing an unknown candidate who has not been properly vetted and who hanged out with Tony Rezko, Revs. Wright and Plager, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Raila Odingo, Frank Davis Marshall, ACORN, the New Party, Rashid Khalidi, and other left wing radicals is terrifying. We know that Obama is a Socialist and we prefer capitalism. Obama has a big chip on his shoulder and is angry towards whites, who he views as oppressors of African-Americans.

    Obama Affinity to Marxists Dates Back to College Days

    Barack Obama shrugs off charges of socialism, but noted in his own memoir that he carefully chose Marxist professors as friends in college..

    The Obama Timeline shows important history info:

    Obama interview points to 'Marxism' philosophy

    Even one of his speech writers defected to the Republican Party after realization of corruption and unfair tactics came to light.

    Being forced to give my hard earned money rubs me the wrong way and being forced to give 50 hours per year of my time to forced labor does also. Charity work should be ...volunteered!

  • I am voting against Obama because people who make over 250K work their a@@ off and pay huge taxes now, but he lies and makes it seem like they don't pay any. These are the very people who hire in this country. The Democrats do this in Upstate NY and our economy is a mess (3rd highest poverty rate). Their answer is to raise them even more (highest taxes in the country). It's a failure and he is using young kids because real businessmen know better.

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    McCain. To keep communism out of the White House.

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    I vote for john mccain (would have loved ron paul) because he is not obama, plain and simple anyone is better than obama.

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    John McCain. He does not seek to control our nation's economy nearly as much as Obama.

  • i vote mccain cause im a strong prolife supporter

    and i think we need to create more wealth for the common man

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    61 Nobel prize scientists publicly endorseObama:

    A graduate of Columbia University where he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations.

    Worked for a year at the Business International Corporation and then at the New York Public Interest Research Group

    Editor and President of the Harvard Law Review

    Graduated Harvard with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna *** laude

    Fellow, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer University of Chicago Law School (subject - constitutional law)

    Note in particular expertise in international affairs and in constitutional law, and experience in public, private, and voluntary sectors.

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    i chose mccain because he's wanting to do what i think is best for our gov. (remember people, what i think!)

    *Against abortion, but isnt forcing it on the country, letting each state make its own choice on the topic.

    *lower taxes for all of us, excluding middleclass, but but hes not raping that class, hes just treating them as fair as everyone else.

    *Has more experience, and i feel he knows what hes doing.

    *faught for our country by choice. because he wanted to protect us, keep us. and keep us free. just like the other half of americans who are in the military.

    *And just they way he dealt with his debates, it shows me that hes smart, and he makes me feel that he is trying to help out our nation. not just be president for the title.

    NOTE: my opinion. everyone has their own, and i respect that.

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