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do in philippines exist a map?

it's hard to find an exact street address in philippines, i always lose..

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    Yes, maps do exist in the Philippines. And most of them are accurate. Sometimes, it is not the map that is at fault but the person reading it. I for one am lousy with directions and with reading a map. LOL.

    You can buy Philippine maps in National Bookstore or in Powerbooks or download them from the web.

    Please note that each city has a downloadable map. As an example, this map of Makati is very helpful and accurate.

  • otter2
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    I agree with you.

    How often do they change the names of the streets, buildings etc. and how current are the maps being sold.

    If you bought a map printed just six months ago that still wont help if they just painted-in a new name for the street 24 hours ago.

    I think it would be better to have a local guide with you.

  • Mrs.C
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    hahaha!! join the club... or there could be street names on the map but none on the actual street! :D the hazards of living in Manila! don't worry though you can always ask a local to point you to the right direction.

    you can get an atlas of manila/metro manila and it's neighboring cities from the nearest National bookstore located at any SM or Robinsons malls. anyway in Makati they like to rename their streets (and dub them "Formerly know as") so you might wanna get the newest version :o)

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    of course they have maps there! btw, google earth doesn't work on manila street search. tried it before. even mapquest.

    survival tips:

    if you live in metro manila, or in any major city, your in luck! just go to the nearest National Bookstore and buy a map. well its more of a book actually.

    study the train routes. they're very easy to understand. if you do, you can almost go anywhere... fast.

    study the bus and jeepney routes of the usual places you go to.

    ask a local if you don't know where to go. if you're not sure where to stop, ask the driver or the ticket "manong" to tell you if you're already there.

    all eyes on the destination tags, plackards, etc.

    study the local landmarks. like schools, malls, parks, districts, churches, etc.

    alway's bring with you at least P200 for the taxi fare in case all your effort fails.

    Source(s): back in the philippines, i always bring one with me.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe your map is not up dated.

    Make sure you've got the right map, for the right place of your choice or destination.

    Philippines is a nice place.

    People are kind and hospitable.

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    road map is available at National

    Bookstore and yes they are updated 90%

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    ask help from dora the explorer.

    call the map... the map... the map!

  • 4 years ago

    just search for it in your nearest souvineir shop! wait... I don't think they sell that one... do they?

  • MAGpie
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    you mean you always get lost. try:

    -you can buy them online. it's a great help for travelers like me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YEAH!!!! we filipinos are kind lol...

    try google earth lol...

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