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In THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR, what happened to the girl's family? ?

There was a Lara Flynn Boyle film THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR, there was a couple. The husband was abusive towards his wife. They have a daughter. There was a scene where the wife was held in the kitchen by her husband with a gun. He searches the fridge, the wife picks up the gun emotionally and points it at him. The little girl goes to Lara Flynn Boyle and Colin Ferguson in tears reporting the incident. The scene cuts away to the wife holding the gun to her husband. Colin Ferguson runs to the house at night. We hear the shot from outside, and neither husband or wife is shown throughout the rest of the film.

What's happened? Who got shot dead? How could it end this way?


The abusive husband is the dude in the SAW II film with the death trap mask with the key in his eye.

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    she kills him

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