How to build a model of a Ferry Boat ?

I have to build a model of a ferry boat for geography class. Im unsure how to do this; & it is due soon. Could you give me suggestions as to what I need & how to make it ?

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    any particular size or type of ferry boat? The simplest would be a flat piece of wood also known as a plank and then cut the front and back so they have a wedge shape like a normal ferry. It should look rectangular when viewed from the top and it should have a wedge shape when viewed from the sides in the front and back. Then take some nails and use these to make post for the railings and then with string tie them together so the look like railings. Then paint the top black. This is the car park you can then uses a thin block to make the control tower on one side. Then paint the bridge windows in the tower. voila one ferry.

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    There are many types, large double ended ferry boats, to small open deck 10 vehicle boats that are basically a large barge with a pilot house. The State of Washington, Department of Transportation runs one of the largest fleets in the country. Their web site shows a couple of pictures of the Evergreen class, you might write to them and ask for the photo display showing all of the different vessels. Also try a couple of the RC model retailers, they may have some pictures of their models. Also google "Issaquah Class" ferry boats, you may get some leads there.

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    google ferry boat and get a pic.

    I would use cardboard , paint, hot glue and string .

    I would make the front and back a little rounded on corners but pretty squared off.

    have end flaps come up over deck (like a ramp) that lets up and down.

    Then just paint the rest and it will be fine.

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