FhA loan Requirements for a non finish Bathroom?

In a house with 3bed/2Bath it's ok to have at least one bath fully functional to qualify to the FHA loan?

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    1 decade ago
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    I recently attended a cont. ed class about the "new" FHA loan requirements.

    It used to be that there were pretty strict requirements regarding the condition of the house to qualify for FHA loan. Many of these restrictions have been eased along with FHA "non-allowables".

    It is possible that 1 fully functional bathroom is okay. Just how non-functional is the other bathroom?

    Best advice is for you to contact a local lender who does FHA loans (most do) and ask the question.

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    It's my understanding that you'll need a certificate of completion if the home was appraised while under construction and the underwriter conditions for it. All plumbing must function and not leak.

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    FHA will not approve the loan, you have to go conventional.

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