Where do I find an agent to get me some film and comercial business?

I have a production company and I am looking for an agent to get me some business.

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    Agents do not "get" anyone work. The purpose of an agent or agency is to represent your best interests, particularly in the business aspects of a project.

    By law, Agents are permitted to "charge" 10% of your earnings as their fee for representing you and/or your product. Managers may charge 15%.

    There is a Catch-22 in the process. Agents only make money when you do, so it is in their own best interest to represent someone who will likely earn money. But for you, to get work, sometimes means having someone, like an Agent, represent you in order to lend credibility to you and your abilities.

    So how do you "get" an Agent to represent you if you don't have a track record? You must go seek out work yourself and broker your own deals at first. Depending upon your specialty (that you're trying to "sell" to a client), you will need some kind of example to show them, like a reel or a portfolio of work. In addition, it is helpful to understand that MOST work in the entertainment industry comes as a result of personal contacts. Unless your reel/portfolio is screaming out as being "brilliant" (whatever that means to whoever is looking at your work), then clients are more likely to hire those who have been recommended to them from trusted sources rather than bringing in someone new. A lot of money is at stake, so clients need to know that someone capable of both the artistic requirements of a project as well as being responsible for logistics and budgets.

    So, you must first go out and prove yourself to the world that you are capable in many ways, and then an Agent will likely look upon you as worth their time to help you "find" work.

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC


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    Just go for a local advertisement,good luck

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