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Do you like these baby names?

I'm not pregnant, I just love thinking of names for future children!So tell me which ones you like,dislike,and why.




Tatelyn(It's from my last name,so I love it for that)






Ryle(No not Rylee)



Alyssa(Pronounced like Alicia)-after one of my best friends who pronounces it the same way



















What are some of your favorite names?

Kanan is like(Cane-en)NOT CANNON!


Rainey is after a girl that is like my big sister.She is named after her dad who is Stormy for his nickname.I think it's very pretty

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    Addison (one of my favorite girl names)











    Rainey (sounds too made up)

    Ellis (too old sounding)


    Linton (reminds me of Lipton tea)

    Rowdy (sounds like a dog name)

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    Teagan - I think it's such a great name! Not many people have it, and not many people are naming their babies this! Love the originality, yet not too crazy!

    Alexis - my daughter's middle name, Daisy Alexis

    Rainey - I had a friend in High School named Rainey, she was 'the most popular girl in school' and gorgeous. Her full name was Lorraine. Anyway, this name brings back great memories hanging out with her. Love it!

    Adam - such a strong name, I don't think this name will ever go out of style! Ages well and yet is great for a little baby boy as well!

    Nicholas - same as Adam, but reminds me more of a little boy than Adam does!

    Logan - funny that Rainey and Logan are both at the end of your lists...Rainey's boyfriend's name was Logan. I don't like this name for any of my children, but love it because Logan, as well as Rainey, was just oh so cool way back when.

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  • Arthur
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    Madelynn 8/10

    What's wrong with the good old spelling Madeline?

    Lindsey 6/10

    Not my style but it's a nice name

    Tatelyn 5/10

    Different but not too wierd; however it sounds a lot like Kaitlyn so it might get confused.

    Abigail 8/10

    Lovely name - my best friend's name, she always goes by Abby though

    Teagan 5/10

    As for Lindsey

    Lauren 6/10

    As for Lindsey and Teagan though I like this a little better

    Hanna 7/10

    Hannah would be better. I prefer the trad. spelling but it's a nice name.

    Lillie 7/10

    If it was Lily it would be a 9 or 10. It's still pretty as it is though.

    Ryle 2/10

    No. Just no. Sorry but I really don't like it.

    Alexis 8/10

    I like this name, like Alex but prettier and more interesting.

    Addison 1/10

    No. Sounds like you forgot the M off Madison and I hate Madison anyway.

    Alyssa 7/10

    Very pretty and I like the pronunciation, but people will say it the trad. way!

    Mary 6/10

    A bit old-fashioned but a good enough name.

    Rainey 6/10

    A lovely nickname. How about Lorraine, Rainey for short?

    Ellis 2/10

    No. Hate it.

    Layton 5/10

    Not my style but it's your choice.

    Linton 4/10

    Not my style again.

    Jacob 6/10

    Quite good

    Luke 9/10

    I love this. My fave boy's name is Lucas which Luke can be short for.

    Connor 7/10

    I like this name

    Blake 6/10

    Not my style but i suppose it's quite good.

    Colton 4/10

    Not my style again.

    Kanan 3/10

    Not my style AND it sounds like a mis-spelling of the promised land Canaan.

    Paul 6/10

    Not very original but a sturdy name.

    Adam 6/10

    As for Paul.

    Nicholas 6/10

    Quite nice

    Ryder 4/10

    This is a surname. So no.

    Rowdy 0/10

    Do you even know what the word means? No no no no no please NO.

    Logan 4/10

    Makes me think of loganberries.

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    Alyssa and Alecia are not pronounced the same, they are two separate names. Alyssa rhymes with Melissa, there is no sh sound in these names. I'm sure your friend has had to correct people a lot on her name because of how it's misspelled. Save your child the trouble and use a spelling that is correct.

    Girls- Lauren, Lillie, Abigail

    Ellis is a boys name, NOT unisex

    Boys- Adam, Blake, Nicholas

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    Not a fan of funky spellings so I don't like Madelynn, Kanan, Lillie, or Alyssa... Madelynn, Lillie and Kanan, at least phoenetically, are correct but Alyssa is not. If you want it pronounced Alicia people are going to have tremendous problems with this spelling (because you're wrong). But with that pet-peeve aside my favorites are Luke, Logan, Kanan, and Addison. Layton I hate because I had a boss with this last name and he was a prick.

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    All are good names. When I look for names, think of ones that everyone will pronounce correctly. For example, when there is roll in school, can the teacher pronounce it right, it's a pain to have to correct, etc. Also, you don't want it to be too bizarre so that others are like WTF were they going for.

    For the Girls, I like:





    I'd avoid the Alyssa one, that's going to be a mess to correct people. If you have to give us a hint on here, I wouldn't do it.

    Boys I like:






    I tried to give no personal bias of people I already know with those names:)

    Hope it helps

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    When I see the spelling as Ryle, I would pronounce it like I would Lyle instead of Rylee..why not Riley, Ryleigh, Rilley?

    Also, Alyssa should be Alysha if you want it pronounced that way too.

    Sorry...but changing the spelling on those two names completely changes the name.

    Plus, Rowdy for a boy is just asking for him to be a partier or to be teased mercilessly.

    Otherwise, I really like your names... my faves











  • sarah
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    I like:




    Colton - Or just Cole.

    Kainan - Spelled any other way it's confusing.

    Paul - I like Saul too.

    Logan - For a boy or girl.

    Lindsay - Spelled Lindsay not Lindsey

    Abigail - Although I prefer just Abbey, or Gail.

    Alicia - Alyssa should NOT be pronounced uh-LEESH-uh. It just doesn't make any sense. I do like the name Alicia though, or Lissa.

    Ellis - But for a boy.

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    Madelynn- very pretty but I prefer it spelled Madeline

    Lindsey- dont like it..

    Tatelyn- okay


    Teagan-love it

    Lauren-my best friends name!! But, I like Laurel better

    Hanna-NO WAY

    Lillie- love it, but Lily ..

    Ryle(No not Rylee)-ummm I dont know about this one

    Alexis- Love it, but it is way overused

    Addison-One of my favorites!!!

    Alyssa(Pronounced like Alicia)-after one of my best friends who pronounces it the same way- NOOOOOOO, hate it

    Mary- traditional.. so maybe but not my number one choice

    Rainey- Stormy.. cloudy... NO :)

    Ellis- maybe!


    Layton- ok

    Linton- no.. reminds me of Lint...

    Jacob- good one!

    Luke- Love it, maybe even Lucas

    Connor- uggg

    Blake- like it

    Colton- LOVE LOVE colton... one of my favs


    Paul- paul makes an excellent middle name!!

    Adam- okay


    Ryder- LOVE Ryder

    Rowdy- No No No...

    Logan- Nice, but getting overused

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    Madelynn - don't like it

    Lindsey - fair & overdone

    Tatelyn(It's from my last name,so I love it for that) - get real

    Abigail - yuck

    Teagan - what are you thinking

    Lauren - nice, classic, boring

    Hanna - Hanna Banana

    Lillie - cute if spelled Lily or Lili

    Ryle(No not Rylee) another yuck

    Alexis - like it

    Addison - sounds like a boy

    Alyssa - Love it if it's pronounced A-Li-Sa

    Mary - boring

    Rainey - Rayna

    Ellis - for a girl????????

    Layton - get laid Layton.....nope

    Linton - Linton the lint man - blech

    Jacob - cool - call him Jake

    Luke - another one I like

    Connor - overdone

    Blake - nope

    Colton - a little horse

    Kanan - what???????

    Paul - Like it alot

    Adam - LOVE THIS NAME!!!!

    Nicholas - VERY cool name

    Ryder - don't copy Kate Hudson

    Rowdy - hopefully not

    Logan - nope

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    LOVE Teagan and Logan. Those are my favorites from your list.

    My daughters are Olivia and Natalie. If I have another girl, her name will be Nora, Margaret or Caroline. A boy will be Aaron or Henry.

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