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Anybody remember Radio AAHS?

I remember Radio AAHS doing CD and Magizene sets. How many CD's did they do TOTAL? I want to try to collect them all. They are pretty cheap probably.

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    One of the first Kids Radio networks. Put out of biz by Radio Disney in a rather ugly fight which ended with a multi-million dollar judgement against Disney.

    There's a link below to the Wiki article, but I don't see a total count of the CDs. Number 8 was in 1995 and they only did the CDs (as part of the magazine subscription) from March '95-'96 and they ceased ops in '98. Number 11 was released in Dec of '96, so I'm going to guess that was the last one.

    You might want to just get the Greatest Hits CD: "Playing All Day with Radio AAHS" which is available on Amazon, where many of the individual CDs are available - also on eBay.

    -a guy named duh

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