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Paganism and Neopaganism growth in America.?

Since Paganism and Neopaganism have recently surpassed Buddhism and Hinduism on the top American Religions and is predicted in the next few years to pass all other religions besides Christianity and athiesm, what do you think will happen when it comes up third below Christianity and Athiesm? After all, it is the fastest religious group to grow than any other religion.

It obviously won't go unnoticed since Paganism and Neopaganism is highly looked down upon by a lot of Christian Americans, and is considered Satanic by those very same Christians.

What do you think will happen then? Will these religions be welcomed? Will those of that religion be shunned and disallowed certain rights that the average America has? Or most unlikely, will it turn out like the Burning Times?

Please give your opinions! :P (I myself don't live in America, but it is still an interesting topic!)

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    I'm not sure your assumptions are correct, although I do think Pagan faiths are rapidly growing in the US, Western Europe and Australia these days. Hypothetically, though, assuming your assertions are correct, then I think we would see increasing tensions, increasing political skirmishes, but in the long run, I suspect a sort of uneasy accommodation would take place.

    The Constitution prohibits legal discrimination based on religion, so I don't see that happening, and the burning times would not happen either. First, again, there is legal protection for minority religions. Second, being a democratic form of government, even a small minority, composing 10% of the population or less, can wield considerable political power. Thirdly, many Pagans are veterans, are well armed, and are good at living simply and at field craft. If it were to come to "burning times," I would be ready, willing and able to put up one hell of a fight.

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    Paganism is the fastest growing religion in Canada.

    My city has the following demographics. You will notice there are far more Pagans than atheists. I am a Christian, I have Pagan friends that I love. There will not be Burning Times.

    Religion Denomination Congregation Proportion

    Catholic 784,855 26.69%

    Roman Catholic 756,005 25.70%

    Ukrainian Catholic 28,750 0.98%

    Orthodox 45,985 1.56%

    Greek Orthodox 21,880 0.74%

    Ukrainian Orthodox 9,865 0.34%

    Russian Orthodox 1,735 0.06%

    Serbian Orthodox 960 0.03%

    Other Christian 123,145 4.19%

    Muslim 49,045 1.67%

    Buddhist 33,415 1.14%

    Sikh 23,470 0.80%

    Hindu 15,970 0.54%

    Jewish 11,090 0.38%

    Other Eastern Religions 3,330 0.11%

    Bahá'í 1,525 0.05%

    Aboriginal spirituality 5,860 0.20%

    Pagan 3,035 0.10%

    Agnostic 2,475 0.08%

    Atheist 2,380 0.08%

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    Burning Times? That sent a chill down my spine. It wouldn't be the first time the United States was intolerant of something, lets not forget the Japanese Concentration Camps in the West.

    I agree with Pumpkin Kitty, if anyone ends up at the stakes it would be Pagans...again.

    Source(s): Pantheonic Pagan and Necromancer for 13 yrs.
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    Actually, I think Islam is a faster growing religion, but Pagans and Neopagans are a different philosophy so it's hard to reply quite right.

    Considering that these are all out there, things will remain the same... freedom of religion.

    I'm Buddhist myself and we're also making a notch in growth here in the U.S.A.


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    No one is going to get burned at the stake. That irks the hell out of me. Will there be harrassement? Sure but that's everywhere. Pagans have the right to bear arms and trust me, I know VERY few Asataruar that aren't armed. I'm not too damn worried about it.

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    I doubt the churches will exactly be pleased, but I don't think anything specific or ride reaching will happen per se. Eventually the population will adjust to it and pay no more attention to someone with a pentagram than we do to someone with a cross.

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    Hopefully by then there will be more people that know about what Paganism actually is, rather than just going off the old inaccurate assumptions.

    But I wouldn't guarantee it.

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    i think it's a large possibility the people who can not accept paganism will start burning us at the stake.

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    What will happen?

    the rapture, then they can have a field day for 7 years, then the check will come due.

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    my Friend if your a christian then it will be the end days .

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