In Sweeney Todd what are the differences between the stage version of Mrs Lovett and the film version ?

In Sweeney Todd what are differences between the stage version of Mrs Lovett and the film version?

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    There are a few :

    1)More blood for one !

    2)There is a song called "parlour songs" in the show sung by the beadle bamford and Mrs lovett

    3)"Green finch and linnet bird" is longer in the show , it has more verses, as well as "by the sea".

    4)The show also has a song called "Kiss me" Sung by johanna and anthony

    5)Both the beadle and the judje love Johanna in the show

    6)The film is a lot darker ... the characters are darker too

    7)Toby is irish in the stage production

    8) the stage production deals with much older characters - Tim burton reduced the age of all the characters by about 10- 15 years in his version of it !

    I cant think of anymore right now , but i know there are some other differences as well as these

    hope i helped xx

    Source(s): OH OOPS I JUST REALISED I DID NOT READ THE QUESTION PROPERLY . Basically , mrs lovett is alot darker in the film . In the stage show she is more "mad" by which i meen she seems more lonely and affected by her lonelyness. She is also mentioned by her first name in the show - nellie Yes, she is also older , as i said above . She also has an extra song , as i said above :P The show mrs lovett also seems to have a firmer grasp on the situation compared to in the film , where she seems to be more at Sweeney's mercy , though ultimately she still comes to the same end . She is also more lively in the show - probably because she has been burtonified in the film and so has been made all gaunt and horror film like but she is more bubbly in the show , which is also shown in the way she looks in the show , which is brighter and slightly larger that HBC in the film . Again , this is probably a burton effect.
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    Mrs. Lovett was older in the play, more matronly, a bit on the frumpy side. When I first seen the musical, Angela Lansbury played her and I thought at first that her and Sweeney were a long married couple.

    Tim Burton's choice was interesting. Helena Bonham-Carter really sunk her teeth (no pun intended) into this role. This is probably the most effort I seen her put into something since she was younger. I also loved that sense of jealousy and unrequited love she feels for Sweeney, which was somewhat lacking in the original.

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    i've got seen the two the DVD of the completed degree overall performance with George Hearn and Angela Lansbury and the DVD with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter. even nonetheless i'm no longer prepared in this instruct, the degree version became into lots extra advantageous. i for my area concept Tim Burton's version sucked. The degree version only has extra to it. They minimize lots of issues out for the action picture. in case you have a Netflix account, get the Broadway version with George Hearn. That way, you could variety your individual opinion on which you think of is extra advantageous.

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